Poll: Which contestant will be eliminated this week?

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Thread: Who will be eliminated this week?

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    Reality? Really?
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    Originally posted by refugee
    There will be two celebrity judges this week: Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, and FBI Director Robert Mueller, who will do instant background checks on all the remaining contestants.

    This week's theme: Jailhouse Rock!

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    Originally posted by jimbo31
    If Corey is gone, how come they haven't posted any news on the official American Idol website????and if he is gone, how come when i watched Access Hollywood last night they only said that Corey was due for a trial on April 15th?they said nothing about him being kicked off and this was a Monday episode so they should have known that he was....i don't think Corey is kicked off, at least i hope he isn't!!!!!!!
    Actually, the official site does have Corey Clark listed as "disqualified on 4/01/03".

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    The Fox site has him listed as "eliminated 4/1/03, just check on the contestants page.

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    But will he be replaced? I hope not since they could have an elimination this week so the show will be 1 week less long.I mean its better if they stop after 10 weeks than 11 weeks.

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