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Thread: Katie Stevens Season 9

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    Re: Katie Stevens Season 9

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay;3876908;
    Last night, I also saw McPhee! I thought she did an, all-around, good job, though.
    For me that's a good thing. I really think her parents should be proud of their daughter. She seems like great kid.
    "So, what is fame? It's lightening that strikes some people. It's lightening that some people seek." Jewel

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    Re: Katie Stevens Season 9

    I enjoyed her performance last night. It was a good change for her and it showed growth.
    I like that Katie listens to the criticism in a polite manner and tries to follow it.
    She may not be the best singer in the competition, but I love her attitude and the way she handles herself. Pretty mature for a 17 year old, IMO.
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    Re: Katie Stevens Season 9

    And she was working that neck while she was singing last night! She made me laugh!

    And McPhee is no slouch so, you're right Tigerusty, that's a good thing!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Re: Katie Stevens Season 9

    Katie will be starring in a new MTV scripted show called Faking It premiering on Tuesday April 22.

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