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Thread: Melinda Doolittle - Season 6

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    She-is-amazing! AMAZING! And what I really love about her is that she always seems so surprised and humble when judges praise her. I love her!

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    She was absolutely AMAZING last night. Best of the night. I agree with Simon when he said that she doesn't realize how good she is. I have no doubt that she will be around for a long time. She is so humble and thankful for the opportunity
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    She is a fabulous singer and was undoubtedly the best of the night last night. But my gut says she will not be in the final 2 - perhaps not even in the final 5. The likability she has from being so humble may turn around to bite her. I think that she is SO humble that it detracts from the charismatic factor that a person has to have to make it to the end on this show. When the group gets widdled down to only the very best of the singers, I worry that her outstanding voice will be forgotten at the end of the show, falling victim to the charisma of some of the other contestants.

    I somewhat wonder if this isn't part of the reason why Simon appears to be pointing out week after week after week just how humble and gracious she is - if he's not trying to boost her up because he knows her singing is so outstanding.

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    Best performance last night by far , probably the best performance so far this season.

    After Lakisha sang i thought , great voice but she is going to have a personality profile issue.
    There are so many Soul Ladies , it becomes a cliché.

    And to have Doolittle as the follow up was just the perfect answer to that.
    The song was great ( i like Jazz ) , outstanding performance...
    I have no doubt that she will be in the Top 6.

    But , The Humble has to go before it becomes a shtick.

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    Melinda Doolittle MURDERED this song last night. The best performance I have seen this season and that is saying a lot considering she is up against Lakisha who is also incredible in her own right!

    I love Melinda! I love her humble attitude and frankly I don't think it will detract from her chances. If she keeps this up she will win the competition, but I know she will be in the final 3 for certain. Otherwise, there is no justice. After all, isn't this a SINGING competition.

    I also love Lakisha but I think I am starting to like Melinda a little bit better.

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    I liked Melinda from the beginning and I don't remember exactly why.

    Believe it or not, "My Funny Valentine" is not an easy song to sing well. It was my parents' favorite song, my Dad used to sing it, and I was probably singing it in my crib so I know.

    Melinda knocked it out of the park.
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    I truly truly truly loved Melinda both last week and this week. I think she might have a few chasing her, but she right now is my best and favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog;2261127;
    I love Melinda! I love her humble attitude and frankly I don't think it will detract from her chances.
    I agree! I love her humble personality, but her performances have been pretty confident and charismatic. I don't think her personality will be a hindrance at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by famita;2261153;
    I truly truly truly loved Melinda both last week and this week. I think she might have a few chasing her, but she right now is my best and favorite.
    I feel exactly the same as you do. She's awesome. She's a definite, very strong contender to go all the way.

    Melinda's confidence is slowly but surely growing each week.

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    melinda is someone to watch for. her humble nature matched with her powerful and elegantly beautiful voice will make for an interesting competition this year. and although she isn't my favorite, at this point, she's the one to beat!

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