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Thread: American Idol 3 1/19/04: Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    And I am so far not very impressed with the finalists they've chosen, especially "Scootergirl", whom I found absolutely insufferable.
    Thank goodness, I'm not the only one who can't stand her!
    You criticize and detest in others the faults you see in yourself or that you fear others see in you. - Zachary Podolsky, Harvard Crimson columnist

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    So sorry for trailing up an old thread again, but I was just reading back over this year through Lobeck's recaps and I was stumped when I got to this NYC auditions show -

    If you read back over the recap or watch the show itself - you'll see that the people to get through from the NY rounds have to be some of the most controversial ever -

    Leah (we all know how people feel about her...)

    The Roman bros. (who I actually was fond of, but well, you know...)

    Michael Keown (the most arrogant AI contestant ever?)

    John S ( Again, a very contoversial contestant)

    and finally the enigma that was Scooter Girl (again, she was controversial)

    So they were the contestants from NY - Leah, John, Nicole, Michael, Jesus and Noel.
    Everyone thought Houston was awful - but we did find George there, so it wasnt all bad.
    I thought the best talent this year came from Atlanta - Fantasia (obviously), Lauren, Alan, Marcus (the elvis guy) and of course Amy. Was Jennifer from there too?

    But my fave audition city this year HAS to be Hawaii - my girl Camile was there, and of course JPL was "found" there too. And although wasnt on the Hawaii show- so were Diana and Jasmine. I really liked the 3 guys too - Jonah, Sonny and Clifford - they seemed like genuinely nice guys. (also IMO, the bad people were the funniest there too - that guy looking for a girlfriend cracked me up, as did the dancer who somehow found 5 people who liked him.) However Hawaii wasnt all good - Lisa W was found there...
    But, New York -possibly the worst city ever to have AI auditions?
    Mario Vazquez - Still My American Idol

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