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Thread: Taylor & Tori's next video, your predictions/ideas?

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    AJ is THE American Junior buggychic89's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by yahright
    Budweiser for me!! Budweiser for me right now!!
    If I also had a burger to eat,
    It would be soooo neat!!
    A siiiiiix pack, no wait, a 12 paaack,
    Before you know it, I'll be passed out on my back
    Oh oh oh, budweiser for me!! budweiser for me, right now!!
    I'm no princess, but I know how to feel alive
    Don't worry, cause I'm not old enough to drive
    So I can drink as much as I desire
    I'm the liquor store's no 1 buyer
    Oh ya oh ya, budweiser for me!! budweiser for me, right now!!
    I used to feel like an ugly duckling
    After a drink, I feel pretty and rockin
    So you should drink bud, cause it's so cool
    If you can't get it, ask someone in school
    Budweiser for me!! budweiser for me!!
    .............and don't forget my cigs!!!
    *gulp gulp gulp gulp, burp!!!!*

    whoa that smiley is creepy haha that was great!! they should hire you!!
    ..:: Pami ::..

    I love AJ!!!

    AJ will ALWAYS be MY American Junior!!!!

    Congrats: Tori, Taylor, Chauncey, Lucy, and Danielle!!!

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    #1 AJ MELENDEZ LOVER!! Aj & clay baby's Avatar
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    In AJ arms as we are kissing!!
    lol I think maybe a coke commercial??

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