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Thread: The FORT AI Song Book

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    more "TITN" parody

    Originally posted by Oregonian4Clay
    When the world wasn't upside down,
    I was no longer on my head
    With the blood rushing there
    In a moment and fainting so fast...
    Continuing (because somebody just hadda go and ask for it):

    Lost balance, you know, is a thing you can never get back!

    Pick me up
    off my duff!
    I would love to say that I'm end over end out of love,
    But it's really because of these huge
    feet I'm a klutz!

    No projectiles, please. (Well, for bad puns, OK, but not from overprotective Clay fans.) I'm as big a Clayniac as the rest of youse guys, but given what Clay's said about his athletic and dancing skills, I think he'd approve.)

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    ROFLMAO!!!! That is too funny Oregonian4Clay! So fitting ! hahahahahaha, definitely no projectiles here. I think Clay would approve very much!
    "There's nothing so wrong that it can't be easily fixed or easily ignored. I just let things roll off" -Clay Aiken, in RS

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    Originally posted by idolobserver
    Still the Clay
    You are still the Clay -- that makes me post
    Still the Clay who is searched for the most
    This is the Night will play, and you're still the Clay..
    Wow this thread is great!! This version is awesome, IO
    You guys are all so talented, I just love when they rhyme!!
    I'll get around to posting mine sooner or later... :rolleyes: haha

    Matthew 6:27
    Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

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