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Thread: 4/10 AI 12 Top 6 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/10 AI 12 Top 6 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jsciv View Post
    I don't think that she specifically thought that trashing the performance would garner votes for him, but she definitely CHOSE to remain silent rather than critique him. I think she probably was thinking more along the lines of "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all," more than any master strategy for denying him votes.
    Well, the last time they all got him, Lazaro fell apart and wept on the stage much to the discomfort of everyone, including the judges. Maybe she was afraid if she added on, it might happen again? It had all been said, so there wasn't any reason for her to add insult to injury. Props to her this time.

    BTW, it has been noted on the DWTS board several times after a judge or the judges heap a bunch of criticism on one contestant that in a backlash fans make sure to vote for that contestant to keep him or her safe. On that show it is even more obvious because the heavily criticized contestant has frequently received a low score from the judges which has been compensated by a high vote from the fans. It is easy then to see how that contestant "jumps over" another dance couple(s) with higher score(s) who often did dance better.
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    Re: 4/10 AI 12 Top 6 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jammyjoe View Post
    Holy crap! Who made this up? Is this some kind of numerology only with letters? That being said, your math is off. There are 2 U's in Ruben Studdard, 3 A's in Fantasia Barrino not to mention to I's, 2 E's and D's in Carrie Underwood, 2 D's in David Cook, 4 E's in Lee Dewyze, 3 E's and 2 Y's in Scotty McCreery. The worst is Phillip Phillips' with 4 P's, 2 H's, & 4 I's.

    ROFL! How is this a GOOD way to understand the winners? In fact, it's a STUPID way to understand the winners. Can't anyone fathom the fact that the winners win because they have enough loyal fans that would vote for them non-stop?
    The double letter history on AI is not my idea. It's been around for years. It is what it is. The double letters are there for all winners except two. It can be chalked up to coincidence, but call it what you will, it's fact and it's also for fun. lol

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