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Thread: Lazaro Arbos AI 12

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    Re: Lazaro Arbos AI 12

    The Chairman of Rita's just came to Naples and gave $10,000 to the stuttering foundation in honor of Lazaro. So nice!
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    Re: Lazaro Arbos AI 12

    I have a question because I just don't know. Since Laz has such a stutter in English would he also stutter when speaking Spanish?
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    Re: Lazaro Arbos AI 12

    There was an article a while ago that said Lazaro was trying to conntact Ryan Murphy .... seeking am appearance on Glee.

    I think it is an absolutely fantastic idea. I don't watch Glee ... but I understand it is about misfits who find their fit in the Glee club?

    I wonder if he had any luck contacting Murphy.
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