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Thread: AI 10: Spoilers

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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeAddict View Post
    As I suspected - Entertainment Weekly is stating that the numbers of viewers for last night's show were about 7% lower than last year, even though the numbers of viewers was higher overall this season.
    Wow, and wasn't last season down quite a bit from the blockbuster that was Season 8? I wonder if the voting totals will reflect the decline in viewership.

    (ETA: just read elsewhere that 122 million votes were cast last night.)

    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeAddict View Post
    Other guests that are supposed to be performing tonight:
    TBoz & Chili with Lil’ Jon
    Gladys Knight
    JLo will perform with hubby Marc Anthony
    Tom Jones
    Tony Bennett (duet with Haley)
    Kirk Franklin
    Wow, don't know what I was expecting, but other than Tony Bennett and Tom Jones, I have no interest in these performers! Nor Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood (I like Carrie, but seems like she's been very visible lately, so it's nothing special to see her - for me). And I was hoping for a finale to end all finales, considering the breadth of talent and styles this season offered.
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    Re: AI 10: Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by libgirl2 View Post
    Its the double country. While country is popular, not everyone likes it. I think if James or Haley might have been in the final, the numbers would be higher. Two contrasting styles would appeal to a larger audience.
    I think its because there was so much going on last night with finals of a lot of shows, or so my sister told me, while trying to figure out what to dvr and what to watch. I don't watch any of those other shows, so there was no conflict for me.
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