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Thread: Jordin Sparks - Season 6

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    Jordin has such a pretty face and her voice is lovely. She is so young and still has a bit of baby fat on her, but she has a lot of presence for one so young. Her problem will be maintaining her poise and not being intimidated by the competition (Melinda & Lakisha).

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    Jordin is very attractive, I agree. She seems very sweet, too. I think she has lots of potential with her voice, and she is right up there amongst the best, in my opinion.
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    To be honest, Jordin may be the best contestant in terms of song phrasing--She has a very smooth delivery and great timing. Which makes it even more amazing that she is only 17.
    "Tons of surprises, but it wouldn't be 'American Idol' without it, would it?" Cowell told MTV News. "At the end of the day, I could go out and find 12 great singers, but that's kind of boring. The fact that there's people there who shouldn't be there makes it 'American Idol.' "

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    Unbelievable talent and musical/emotional understanding in one so young!

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    I agree. She was so strong the other night. I enjoyed her singing.
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    She reminds me ALOT of Diana Degarmo, except Jordin doesn't have that polished, boring voice that Diana had.

    There are a lot of uncanny resemblences to season 3 this year. Jordin is one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayPea Patches;2280975;
    At least she has a sense of humor and stoops for him!
    My favorite moment of the top 12 show! Made me love her even more than I already did!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurnThis;2279645;
    I reiterate my prediction from last week (after the girls performed) -- Jordin is this year's Kelly Clarkson. She is at first going to be overshadowed by Melinda and LaKisha (the way Kelly early on took a back seat to Tamyra and Justin) but, like Kelly, every week she'll wow us and the judges and continue her upward trajectory. She got the whole package, looks, personality and voice. I think she's the one to beat!
    I like your theory, it works for me! I was searching the internet and found this spectacular picture. Jordin is beautiful, with the voice and personality to match.

    She's got my vote for the rest of this competition!

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    She really is a beautiful girl....I would have LOVED to have looked like that when I was 17...hell..I'd like to look like that now and I'm 40!
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    I love Jordin, but I was disappointed with her performance Tuesday night. She got the sweet spot for the first top 12 show and she did not hit the ball out of the park. This was her chance to pick a great song that allowed us to see the WOW that she has. She showed more personality after singing. I did not like that song and I hope Jordin makes better song choices in the future.

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