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Thread: 'Amazing Race' really is amazing

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    To Bravo Fan:

    BF, Take heart! Just watch it with a nice glass of wine, and let Mr. B. do his thing!

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    TAR4 is okay but I thought the mole II was much better.

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    How in the world did Are You Hot do better? I thought that show had no point and was incredibly stupid and lame! This show has a point! I'm going to see if I can recruit some more people!

    Guys, I'm trying, I've got a promotion for the show at the bottom of all my replies! I dunno, I think we've recruited some new people, we'll have to see if that helps ratings at all.

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    acid jazz
    Quote Originally Posted by raindance
    I can't believe shows like the Bachelor and Are you hot won TAR! I mean, who can give up TAR to watch Bachelor? It's so... boring! I gave up watching after the first season.
    just saw this one while browsing the threads .... TAR is still the best among all reality shows ,
    can't understand why more people wanna watch the bachelor and other reality shows out there which are just way too boring (lifeless, non-sense, dull, looks scripted) ...

    it doesn't make any sense at all ... ohh well, at least we (TAR Lovers and Loyal TAR Fans) will always be here to support the finest reality show in the world!!!!!! and at least more and more people are learning to appreciate and see the real beauty of TAR!!

    Long Live The Amazing Race!! TAR Rocks!!!

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    Nobody is watching? They said that? Well, they got to be invited to this forum to take a look around before they comment... And also the people of CBS to come too...

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