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Thread: 4/14 TAR 22 Episode 8 **DELAYED on East Coast - Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/14 TAR 22 Episode 8 **DELAYED on East Coast - Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea View Post
    I enjoyed the episode but didn't find the cheese rolling nearly as funny as the first time they did it. Maybe it was the lack of laughing locals?

    I think you hit upon something. I didn't see that first season, alas. However, even I thought this challenge wasn't as funny as the previews tried to make it look. Thinking back, I remember once when I went innnertubing down a snowy hill with a group of friends. Half the fun was standing at the top, waiting your turn, and laughing your rear end off whenever somebody fell off. When you in turn fell off, it wasn't nearly as embarrassing because you could laugh with the others.

    So, yeah, this challenge fell flat. Now, if you want a real challenge with cheese, send the racers to Gloucester, England for the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling Race. As the name implies, racers must send a huge wheel of cheese rolling down a steep hill, then go chasing after it. The first person (not cheese!) to cross the line at the bottom wins. The winner is then expected to get his/her cheese back to the top of the hill, preferably shirtless if you're a man.

    I think I would love to see the Hockey Brothers participate. It might get a little scary with the YouTubers, though.
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    Re: 4/14 TAR 22 Episode 8 **DELAYED on East Coast - Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian View Post
    When Chuck came up with those two lines (won't get married for a month, and the kids need a mother), my husband said, "No man with a grain of sense is going to say that when his wife is under a lot of stress." He also thought that Chuck was just NOT listening when Wynona kept saying, "I feel sick. I can't breathe."

    I told him, "That's why I sometimes stand right in front of you and say, 'I need you to hear me. I'm not doing well.'" These are the same creatures who tend to avoid road maps, even when they need them. Testosterone poisoning.
    She was so clearly having altitude issues (above and beyond being out of shape)--I'd have burst into tears if my Sig. Other had made remarks like that when I was on my last legs like that. This was a disastrous leg for her--so many physically difficult tasks. No simple cow milking and the like. He was a jerk, and I don't care if he had to "carry" her. I assume he's watched the show before...he'd know there would be situations like that. A really bad method of marital bonding unless they can show the tape to their couples counselor!
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