Poll: Were the twins wrong in keeping the money?

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Thread: Were the twins wrong to keep the money?

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    Re: Were the twins wrong to keep the money?

    Yes, everyone, I think, has pretty much had their say.

    That being said, this issue aside, there is a comment regarding morality I feel must be addressed.
    Quote Originally Posted by MsDiva2007
    Lol I love all the discussion about morals. Who exactly is the determiner of whose morals are the correct ones? Everyone is different and depending on the situation everyone will react differently and more than likely not react how they think they will. It's easy to say what you will and will not do until the situation arises.

    Morals the word most overused in America. A word used to shun those we can not tolerate.
    Thank goodness that the majority of people in this world do have a set of morals they live by. They stem from a sense of doing no harm to other humans, partly because of an understanding that we would not want those things to happen to us. Basic morals include, no murder, no theft, no lying (if it is harmful to another) etc.

    In fact, those few people in are world who have no morals are generally diagnosed as psychopaths. That's not a good thing. I wouldn't shun a thief or a murderer, but I wouldn't tolerate it either.

    From Dictionary.com.
    Definition of psychopathic personality:
    "an antisocial personality characterized by the failure to develop any sense of moral responsibility and the capability of performing violent or antisocial acts"

    Obviously, this comment has little to do with the title of the of thread, but it has everything to do with the bolded part of the quote. My last comment on the subject.

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    Re: Were the twins wrong to keep the money?

    The only thing I would like to say is that I don't like the "if it was important to them, they'd have been more careful" way of thinking. It would be one thing if your child had a new bike that you repeatedly told them to pick up out of the driveway and then one day you backed over it- accidentally but it would be another thing if you saw the bike and then decided "I guess they just don't care about their bike" and drove over it. Conscious decision to do wrong is where morality comes into play.
    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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