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Thread: 3/18 TAR 20 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/18 TAR 20 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jsciv View Post
    I've been there twice. The yellow one, Hohenschwangau, is where Ludwig grew up, and he thought that the other spot would make a glorious place for a castle. When he became king he commissioned his first castle, Linderhof, near Oberammergau (where the gingerbread task was) that is famous for its gardens. After that were commissioned Herrenchiemsee, a castle on an island in a lake to which he could retreat, and Neuschwanstein. He was a patron of the composer Richard Wagner, and was inspired by Wagner's operas: each room in Neuschwanstein was to be finished in the theme of one of Wagner's operas.

    Unfortunately, in 1883 Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances ("drowning" in shallow water in a nearby lake) before it was finished (though he did live there for a few months). All of the finished rooms were themed, though, and the tours take you through them and give you the inspirations. He had also planned another castle, Falkenstein, which was to be THE fairy tale castle (on the ruins of another ancient castle of the same name).

    Walt Disney and Herb Ryman did indeed borrow heavily from the design of Neuschwanstein in the design of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland: the gatehouse (the red lower structure) and main structure were flattened together to make the castle (but they rotated the main structure 180 degrees, probably because it looked better that way), and if you compare pictures of them you can see the influence.

    Hohenschwangau is a far better tour than Neuschwanstein. The former is a smaller group with a knowledgeable guide who will take the time to talk with you and answer questions, moving at whatever pace the group wants. The latter is (of necessity, to be fair) a large group tour where you can't dawdle or move at a slower pace to enjoy things, and the guide only takes a few questions because they're on a schedule with so many tourists moving through. Both have gift shops, but Neuschwanstein's is far more touristy (which only makes sense since it's the one everyone MUST go see). I love staying below in Schwangau: at night the tourists all get on their buses and head back to wherever (Munich probably) and it becomes an amazing sleepy town. But you can still get a good meal there or with a quick drive into Fussen (5km away, I almost walked it).

    I can't wait to go back to that area again: both times I've gone have been off season and I haven't gotten to see the castle on a really clear day. That said, even a cloudy day is gorgeous in Bavaria so I'm not complaining!

    Okay yeah, I kind of liked this episode.
    Thank you so much for this post. I loved this place and it must have been beautiful to watch and know you had been there. The places they have visited this season have been amazing and one of the reasons I have always loved this show. Brendon and Rachel continue to annoy me, but they always will. The one good thing about AR is that they do not just focus on one team which makes it bearable to watch even with them there. I think because they have (Brendon especially) talked so much about his education and how great the both of them are suppose to be at everything, that some of the things that they have problems with just don't make sense to me. I did get a huge chuckle at his arrival at the mat and why putting together a Gingerbread House had to turn into something so stressful for them is beyond me. They need to be more like the Kentucky guys. I love the Kentucky guys who know how to enjoy themselves each and every episode. I don't have anyone that is annoying to me except for BB. I am just enjoying this season far more than I expected to.

    It is getting close to tonight's show and will have to check to see whether basketball will cause yet another delay.
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