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Thread: 10/2 TAR 19 Recap Episode 2: Don't Dude Me, Dude!

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    10/2 TAR 19 Recap Episode 2: Don't Dude Me, Dude!

    After a rest stop in Taipei, Taiwan, the teams leave for Jakarta, Indonesia. The next pit stop will be a double elimination. Because Bill/Cathi arrived last at this pit stop, they will have to complete a Speed Bump challenge somewhere along the way. The teams leave for the airport in the following order:

    Ernie/Cindy 9:28 PM
    Jeremy/Sandy 9:36
    Justin/Jennifer 9:39
    Ethan/Jenna 10:07
    Amani/Marcus 10:15
    Laurence/Zac 10:22
    Andy/Tommy 10:23
    Ron/Bill 10:48
    Kaylani/Lisa 11:09
    Liz/Marie 11:31
    Bill/Cathi 3:57 A.M.

    They all board the same China Airlines flight departing at 8:45 A.M. Hunker down, kids, it’s an all nighter at the airport. As they hang out, they don’t know if the first leg was elimination as their clue said the next leg would be a double elimination. So, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Where are Ma and Pa?” They arrive at the airport before flight time and are greeted with applause from everyone. Jenna is happy to see them because the more people that are there, the more who can fall behind giving her and Ethan a better chance. (Hubris, how far is thy fall?)

    Once the teams land in Jakarta, they will take an overnight train, which includes riders on the top, to Yogyakarta where they need to race by taxi (and a wild race it is through traffic) to Goa Jomblang, a vertical cave on the outskirts of Jogjakarta. Once there, they discover a


    where they must spelunk 160 feet into a dark cave and find a Javanese mask along with an indigenous dagger (the items were together and very obvious) then scale a long bamboo ladder to exit and hand over their items in order to receive their clue. I think it is Ethan who says, “It’s like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Jakarta.”

    Bill/Cathi arrive first, but rather than going directly to the cave, they must complete the SPEED BUMP challenge – unraveling rope and connecting it between two trees. Treating the knotted rope like a wadded up Christmas tree stringer gone crazy, they make short work of the challenge and head to the cave.

    The first geared up to spelunk is Cindy with her second Roadblock of the race, but it is right up her ally as she loves rock climbing and stuff. She is followed by Marie, Marcus, Bill (Pa), Jeremy, Andy, Marcus, Ethan, Justin, Kaylani, Zac and Bill. After groping forward by the light of their miner headlamps, they find a slope with light shining down from above and a man hitting a gong. The first to reach the top of the bamboo ladder is Bill (Pa) whose longer legs and upper body strength helped him overtake Cindy and Marie and receive the next clue which is for a


    that includes two activities which are popular on the streets of Jogjakarta – Money Maker or be a Ticket Taker.

    Money Maker requires the teams to don traditional dance garb and, while one dances for tips in a busy intersection, the other sits at the curb and plays a gong type drum for accompaniment. They need to earn 30,000 Rupiah to complete the challenge. Ticket Taker requires the teams to park motorbikes at a popular mall and also collect 30,000 Rupiah to complete the challenge.

    After collecting the 30,000 Rupiah all teams must travel to the Aisyiyah Orphanage that houses children who lost their families due to a volcanic eruption. A sign on the table where they present their donation states that they must ALSO donate ALL the money in their possession as well as their collection money. This last bit requires them to look beyond their clue, and we’ll see how they perform.

    Bill/Cathi, though first to get the clue are held up when their taxi is trapped in the middle of a bunched up parking pad and they fall behind. Liz/Marie who got away first arrive at the busy intersection where they will dance for coin. Bill/Cathi opt to park motorbikes, don the street safety gear and wave bikes in from the street. Ernie/Cindy join them and find a better spot in which to wave in the bikes, which allows them to finish fast and be the first to head to the orphanage. Meanwhile, Ron/Bill are the last to leave the cave and, along with everyone else, stress about being in the last two and going home.

    Other Money Makers include: Jeremy/Sandy, Amani/Marcus (Marcus does the dance and is very comical) Ethan/Jenna, Kaylani/Lisa, Ron/Bill, who have a lot of fun with the dancing. Ethan/Jenna lose time because Ethan dropped the clue envelope with instruction to the next destination at the curb where they were dancing, and after a frantic conversation, they get out of the taxi and run back to look for it. They do find it, but will the lost time be too much to overcome?

    Other Ticket Takers include: Andy/Tommy, Justin/Jennifer, Laurence/Zac

    Ernie/Cindy are the first to arrive at the orphanage and are pleased to turn in their envelope stuffed with 30,000 Rupiahs and receive a medallion with the name of the Pit Stop in the native language. HOWEVER…

    They are also the first to NOT read the sign on the table and, after running to the Pit Stop, Kraton Palace, the residence of the current President of Jogjakarta, they must turn around and go back to the orphanage (within sprinting distance from the Pit Stop) because they need to hand over ALL the money in their possession. Cindy, upon learning of their mistake, gets upset because she strives for perfection (remember she admits to being controlling) and can’t handle falling short.

    Others without attention to their surroundings are Liz/Marie, Bill/Cathi, Justin/Jennifer, Jeremy/Sandy, Amani/Marcus, Jeremy/Sandy, Ethan/Jenna, Ron/Bill

    Andy/Tommy are the first team to read the sign and give over all their money. The others who can read are: Laurence/Zac, Kaylani/Lisa,


    First – Andy/Tommy, who win a trip to Ireland (Although they were the fourth team to check in, they are the first team to have completed the task correctly.)

    2. Laurence/Zak (they jump from eighth to second because of the money snafu)

    3. Kaylani/Lisa (they jump from tenth and elimination to third.)

    4. Ernie/Cindy (they drop from first to fourth, but are the first of those who had to go back to return to the mat.)

    5. Liz/Marie

    6. Jeremy/Sandy

    7. Bill/Cathi (Phil compliments them on their great recovery going from last place last leg, to taking on a Speed Bump, running back to the orphanage and still coming in seventh place.)

    8. Justin/Jennifer (Jennifer later cries because she can't run.)

    9. Amani/Marcus

    10. Ethan/Jenna – Eliminated

    11. Ron/Bill – Eliminated

    Next week is another of the infamous counting challenges from the look of the preview. Good Luck, racers!
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Lines out of context

    Andy: (talking about Indonesia) It’s got some waves, dude.
    Tommy: Don’t dude me, dude.
    Andy: Dude.

    Ernie: Jenna seems very nice, but she has that Medusa eye thing going on…you can’t trust her very much.

    Bill aka Pa (as they all get in line for the train) we’re all like a school of fish.

    Marie: Shake your money maker!

    Marcus: I’m breaking out the latest Michael Jackson – let’s go!

    Bill: (after collecting money from the Money Maker) that’s it. If we’re going out today, we’re going out in style.

    Sandy: (on their run back to the orphanage to hand over all their money) this is the sprint of our life. (the line picked up for the episode’s title.) Thanks, Sandy.
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    Re: 10/2 TAR 19 Recap Episode 2: Don't Dude Me, Dude!

    Great recap! The title has me cracking up. That was one of the best quotes on TAR ever. ROFL!

    That was one mixed up episode, with a lot going on. You did a wonderful job of summarizing it for people who either didn't see the episode or did see it but missed a turn or two.

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    Re: 10/2 TAR 19 Recap Episode 2: Don't Dude Me, Dude!

    Excellent recap!
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