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Thread: Rank or Give Thoughts on Winners

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    Rank or Give Thoughts on Winners

    I don't think I made a thread like this before, so I'm curious as to who the FORT posters' favorite winners are.

    My thoughts on each winner...

    Rob & Brennan - Top 5, love them

    Chris & Alex - Don't really care about them

    Flo & Zach - Surprisingly or not, I like them both, although I would have preferred Teri and Ian or Ken and Gerard in the finale.

    Reichen & Chip - Happy they won over Kelly & Jon and it was nice seeing a gay couple win a season. Probably would rank #6 or #7 if I would rank all winners.

    Chip & Kim - Love them, Top 5

    Freddy & Kendra - Probably my second least favorite. Don't like Kendra especially.

    Uchenna & Joyce - Love them, Top 5

    Linz Family - Never watched season and don't plan to

    BJ & Tyler - So glad they won over Eric and Jeremy, my least favorite team EVER, and overall, I'd put them in my Top 5

    Tyler & James - They were alright.

    Eric & Danielle - Least fav winners ever.

    TK & Rachel - Lot of people seem to hate them on SS, but I don't get the hate and like them, personally.

    Nick & Starr - Would have preferred Ken and Tina. They were, I dunno, nothing special. First sibling winners excluding TAR8, though, so that's cool.

    Tammy & Victor - Like them.

    Meghan & Cheyne - Love them, best of the F3 in TAR15. If Flight Time and Big Easy made the F3 they would have been my F3 favs.

    Dan & Jordan - Cowboys should have won. But they're not that bad but I don't care about them.

    Nat & Kat - Didn't watch TAR17 fully yet but I'm glad they're the first F/F winners.

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    Re: Rank or Give Thoughts on Winners

    Rob & Brennan - loved

    Chris & Alex - I don't even remember who they are. I looked them up on google images and they're still not ringing any bells.

    Flo & Zach - Zach - yes, Flo - no (as the majority probably thinks)

    Reichen & Chip - they were okay. Not a favourite but do not dislike.

    Chip & Kim - Liked them.

    Freddy & Kendra - she was an idiot, as was he. And they beat my favourite team ever (Kris and Jon). Ah, Kris and Jon...now there is a team that should have been chosen for the "Second Chances" season of TAR.

    Uchenna & Joyce - Liked them.

    Linz Family - Loved them though the family TAR overall was a snoozer.

    BJ & Tyler - ok.

    Tyler & James - Again, I can't even remember them. I'd have to see a picture...they look familiar but I honestly still don't remember anything about them.

    Eric & Danielle -no.

    TK & Rachel - I had to look them up as the name alone meant nothing to me. She was so cute. I liked him but I wanted to cut off all his hair.

    Nick & Starr - ok.

    Tammy & Victor - ok

    Meghan & Cheyne -ok

    Dan & Jordan - did not care for them.

    Nat & Kat - were great. I'm glad they were the first female winners.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: Rank or Give Thoughts on Winners

    I have watched every season but some of the winners are starting to blur for me, so I'll just post my favourite winners:

    Rob and Brennan, Chip and Kim, Uchenna and Joyce, and Tyler and BJ: FAVES!

    Eric and Danielle, Flo (minus Zach), Nick and Starr, and Freddy and Kendra: UGH, Worst winners.

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    Re: Rank or Give Thoughts on Winners

    Over time, my opinion on some winners has changed. I loved Chip/Kim back when season 5 aired, and while I was rooting for Brandon/Nicole in the final 3, was happy to see them win. Especially since, at the time, I couldn't stand Colin/Christie. However many years and seasons later, I think Chip/Kim's fame went to their head at the time, and learned to appreciate C/C.

    I never liked Reichen/Chip. Chip seemed cool, but something about Reichen seemed arrogant, fake, and above it all. Plus, I was a Kelly/Jon fan. That was one of the worst set ups for a finale that I remember. I can't remember which couple it was, but I seem to recall one didn't quite complete the last task before the finish line the way they were supposed to It's been so long I might be wrong or mixed seasons up. Zach was a saint, but the Flo pairing in it ruins the entire partnership. I was glad for him he won after putting up with her and not throwing her off a cliff. Flo on the other hand was not a pretty sight coming up the hill. I also didn't like the hippies during season 9, even though they were pretty popular. Didn't care much for Tammy/Victor (more the Victor half), or Eric/Danielle, but that was more because I wanted Dustin/Kandice to win and be the first female team to do it. Also didn't care for Chris/Alex or the brother duo (season 16?).

    Most teams I'm neutral on: Uchenna/Joyce, Tyler/James (beat the other two teams winning in the finale), Nick/Starr, Freddy/Kendra, TK/Rachel, Megan/Cheyne. The last two were pretty unmemorable.

    Some of my favorites were Rob/Brennan (I grew to love them as time went on), the Linz family (worst idea ever for a race route but it had a good outcome for me), and Nat/Kat. It seemed my favorites for awhile were cursed to finish 2nd-4th place.

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