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Thread: Flight Time and Big Easy - TAR 18

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    Re: Flight Time and Big Easy - TAR 18

    Quote Originally Posted by jdonutken View Post
    Since no one else has mentioned it-i was recently watching "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?". It was "Celebrity Month"(or whatever, playing for charity) 1st, they had 3 members of (and maybe that's all there are) of i think "Boyz II Men" and they took a couple questions each. THEN-the next day, the celebs were the Harlem Globetrotters. and there were FT and BE among the 5. This time, each team member took a day, over 5 days. One member got nothing, i missed BE's day, but Flight Time got every question right and won $25,000 for his charity!!! He declined the all-or-nothing 5th grade question, preferring to secure the winnings... I don't recall any mention of TAR in his banter with host Jeff Foxworthy...
    Wow. and they are smart, too! Well, smarter than fifth graders But some of those questions seem hard if you haven't been in a fifth grade class in the last 20 years
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    Re: Flight Time and Big Easy - TAR 18

    Ambassadors of Goodwill they were. I fully enjoyed their run and loved their positive attitude throughout. Even when the going got tough, they bucked up and pulled it together and eeked out that 2nd place finish. My kids love them and I hope we'll continue to see them in other places. (Wish I'd seen them on the smarter than a 5th grader show).
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