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Old enough for what? Maybe, since none of the others was born for 3 years, Andie was single, poor, and otherwise unable or not ready to provide for a baby. I don't think age has anything to do with it, as I have seen many children born to women over 21 years old who would have been much better off being adopted than staying with the mother.
I just saw this, and I do apologize for my assumption. I just assumed that since Andie had 10 kids after Jenna that she had her 2nd kid close to when she had Jenna, which made me wonder why Jenna was given up for adoption and others were not. I totally ignored the fact that her life could have been totally different from when she had Jenna from when she had her next child, even if it was a short period of time. In fact, that is the case. Watching Elimination Station (and looking at the posts in this thread), Andie stated that she had Jenna right out of college and that it was for her best that she was raised by another great family. So yeah, Andie believed she wasn't ready to raise a child, regardless of her age.