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Thread: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    I think I am going to love this finale. I want the cowboys or the models to win. I'll be happy either way. I expect the cowboys to win but the models have improved so much! I think it is pretty obvious that the lesbains will confront the models. I am kind of hoping the models win because that would make for the most dramatic moment!

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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    Phil was on Bonnie today talking about the Finale. Combining what they showed on her show with the preview, it is either going to be a showdown between the Cowboys and the Brothers with Brent/Caite way behind, or Brent/Caite are way ahead.

    In the preview they showed the CGI challenge and it appeared as though the Brothers were slightly ahead of the Cowboys at that location. On Bonnie, they showed the Coit Tower climb and Jordan was 3/4 of the the way to the top when the Cowboys arrived. In the preview, Brent/Caite appear to be at Coit Tower by themselves. Phil called that clip the last challenge - did he mean the tower climb was the last challenge before the taxi race to the stadium, or the whole show was the last challenge?

    He also said the Cowboys were his favorite team ever; that Dan, at first reluctant, really got into it in the last few legs, and a few words about Caite. In order of gushing - the Cowboys then the brothers then Brent/Caite. If he is trying to hide the finish order, Brent/Caite win, the brothers are second and the Cowboys third.

    It looks to be a nail biter at least between the Cowboys and the Brothers.
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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    Phil said before the season started that the detectives were one of his favorite teams ever as well. LOL
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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    Does this sound like Phil is trying to warn everyone that the cowboys lose? Noooooooo! And he confirms it's you-know-who waiting on Brent and Caite at the finish.... From CBS News:

    LOS ANGELES, May 07, 2010

    "Amazing Race" Promises Tense Finish

    (AP) Caite Upton is headed in the right direction on "The Amazing Race."

    The former Miss Teen South Carolina, who infamously flubbed a 2007 pageant question involving maps, and her boyfriend, Brent Horne, are among the three remaining teams competing Sunday for the CBS reality series' $1 million grand prize. The often bickering dating duo experienced a rough start on the around-the-world race but have managed to avoid elimination.

    "I think one of the most exciting things is that Brent and Catie are still there in contention, against the odds," said host Phil Keoghan. "Right from the very beginning, I don't think the other teams saw them being at the end. Catie has really taken a leadership role and really driven this team. I think she's really been the dominant factor for their team."

    Upton and Horne are racing against pairs of brothers: Daniel and Jordan Pious, the distinctively different siblings from Barrington, R.I., and Jet and Cord McCoy, the seemingly unstoppable cowboys, from Tupelo, Okla. The McCoys, who came in first place during the last episode, unprecedentedly went from the bottom to top spot on the 16th season's eighth leg.

    "Without a doubt, Jet and Cord have been the cool cucumbers throughout this race," said Keoghan. "There was only once when they were rattled, in the Seychelles when I had to send them for a map out in the water. Even then, they weren't really rattled. They went out there and did what they had to do. I think, as cowboys, they're just used to the pressure."

    After making stops in such countries as Chile, Germany and Malaysia, Keoghan said the final leg will take the teams from Singapore to San Francisco, where the racers will have a high-tech encounter at the visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic. They'll also continue "The Amazing Race" finale tradition of having their memories of the race tested.

    "The thing about the last leg," Keoghan said, "is we really want to make it as fair as possible for all the teams."

    Keoghan, who was at the finish line when the show was filmed late last year, would not reveal the winner, of course, but he does believe that the show's fans are rooting for the beloved professional bull riders to win and that the ending isn't necessarily happy for everyone. Keoghan foreshadowed that Upton and Horne are confronted by another team at the mat.

    "This season," he teased, "we have a very tense finish."
    "Amazing Race" Promises Tense Finish - CBS News
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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    Some other forums are thinking that the climb up the Coit Tower was done by Brent and if it was a roadblock, he would have exceeded his number of allowed roadblocks and perhaps Brent and Caite are penalized at the end or she has to do it after he finishes it? Or that the confrontation is ugly and not a "happy you finished the race" sort of moment. If Phil hints that the cowboys lose, will it draw more or less viewers to watch and see? I have no clue. Just speculating, and perhaps, wildly at that.

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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    I'm getting the vibe that the cowboys don't win, boo hoo.

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    Re: Amazing Race 16 Spoiler Thread

    I dont know if they won or not, but they sure were the expected ones to win. Im sort of hoping the brothers won.

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