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Thread: Tian & Jaree

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    Thanks for the link, Meyers. I think it is repeated a couple of times during the day (in Singapore) so maybe you can catch it again.

    If you guys want to listen to it via internet radio, just click on the 'Live Radio' button on top and choose Perfect 10 98.7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myersfan31
    This is posted a little too late, but a few hours ago, Tian and Jaree had a radio interview for a Singapore Radio Station. I only caught the first half, I missed the second half because I turned it off after the commercials. But I accidently missed the second half


    That's the station that did it. They interviewed a few AR3 teams as well.
    Can you be more specific about the time and day of interviews...? Cause I wanna hear it too... And I click on the hyperlink... There's nothing I can find related to TAR4... Help!!!

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    I heard somewhere on the Survivor Sucks site that Jaree said in the interview that she was filming a scene in CSI: Miami with Heidi Klum.

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    I'm not happy about this at all...

    I went on vacation and returned to my videotape, happy that no one had ruined the AR4 episode for me yet...

    To my shock and dismay my favorite team was philiminated...!

    Great job ladies... I wish you well in the future.

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    I missed Tian and Jaree so much tonight. The remainder of the race will not be the same without you

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    Me too...i missed their tantrums....somehow i was wishing for Jaree to do more as a team...but i guess we will never see it...This episode was the worst ever

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    I missed Tian and Jaree! I was annoyed when the NFL wives went and then these 2 went the next week. Why couldn't there have been non elimination last week instead of this week? Poo!

    Earlier on I wasn't sure what to think of these two. I knew they'd be ok if Tian could get Jaree to move along, and I guess she did that! I was mad that they got eliminated! Ended up one of my fav teams, believe it or not!

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    One thing to say:
    They argue too MUCH

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    I liked em from the start...I missed Tian and Jaree sooo much last nite...most boring episode ever..
    they are the best..T/J are needed to PROMTE the show...they got ratings for it finally...they are the best PR team for TAR...the producers should take note..

    I agree...would love a 2 woman team to win, miss the NFL's, miss T/J...especially T/J...not as much fun without them...

    CBS and producers should really have t/j do promo stuff, maybe cohost a TAR reunion with Phil LOL
    they are awesome and I hope to see more of both of them on other shows, csi, sci fi channel and more
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    I don't think last night's episode was boring at all but I really did miss Tian & Jaree. I wanted to see them win.

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