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Thread: Steve & Dave

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    Thanks CantGetEnufTAR, that was exactly what I was asking and you answered it well.

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    Originally posted by Deep Dish
    Also, his slashing tires comment stands out as one of the most poor examples of good sportsmanship ever shown on TAR.
    As I thought, and their interview confirmed, this remark was simply the end result of an emotionally heightened, uncomfortable/lack of sleep induced, escalated discussion that started off politely, but got out of hand.

    Personally, I think Jon's(of K&J) comment about "I'll punch your eye out" was much more unsportsman-like. Honestly, just about anything that comes out of K&J's mouths that isnt about them is pretty unsportsman-like.

    Honestly, I dont understand a lot of the negative posts about these guys. They are giant muppets. Fun, laid back, just trying to run their race. They did pretty well considering their admitted lack of athleticism.

    Plus they are from Chicago! Nice race guys!!
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    I hated to see them go but would have liked for them to have hustled a little more. I don't think I remember seeing one scene where they looked like they hurried to do anything.

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    Well, they have to go.... They are just hanging around the last place, hoping for more luck......

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    I'm mixed about them now that they're gone. They were pretty good to watch, save for the slashing-tires comments. But, I can't help but thinking, "What were they thinking?" This team was in no physical condition to be in the race.

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    I'm glad there was more to the slashed tires comment than we saw.

    It seemed so OTT at the time as the argument didn't appear to really be all that heated.

    Even from the very little I know about Steve, that comment seemed out of character.

    I'm sad to see them go.
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    I did find it amusing that they were so worried about being slow and physical problems, yet still felt the need to bring that big block of cheese with them. I guess they knew they were going to be eliminated, but they wanted a souvenir...

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    Local duo eliminated from 'The Amazing Race'

    Friendship survives: Air traffic controllers still amiable after reality TV test
    By Donna DeFalco

    Steve Meitz, of Naperville, and Dave Cottingham, of Aurora, are still fast friends, even after enduring the grueling pace of the reality TV show The Amazing Race.

    Ironically, Meitz and Cottingham, both air traffic controllers, were hindered in their Amazing Race journey by missing a flight connection on the show, which charts the travel of 12 two-person teams from Los Angeles in a race to destinations around the globe.

    The show was taped in January and February, with the episodes currently airing nationally on CBS.

    The two were eliminated on Thursday night's installment, which showed them experiencing delays in France as they attempted to catch a flight to Amsterdam. They were the fifth team to be eliminated.

    "We didn't make any bad decisions on the last leg. We got caught by a plane being de-iced," Meitz said. "We only lost by eight minutes."

    Meitz and Cottingham, who work as air traffic controllers at the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center in Aurora, joked they might have been able to pull some strings with the airlines in the United States but not in Europe.

    Until they were eliminated, the duo had to keep mum about their experiences on the television show because of their contractual obligations.

    The two used to watch the show, which has been airing for the past two years, and, like armchair quarterbacks, would comment on how to do things differently.

    "Come to find out, they were tough to do," Cottingham said.

    One of the surprises was how physically demanding it could be, such as rappelling down a mountain in France and, then, climbing back up.

    "They barely showed the walk back up the mountain," Meitz said.

    The almost two weeks they were involved in the race flew by, Cottingham said.

    "We're leaving at two or three in the morning. The initial time meant nothing. It was either sunup or sundown," Meitz said.

    The two were cognizant about being videotaped and tried to avoid knock-down, drag-out arguments, unlike some of the other teams.

    "We knew everything wouldn't be perfect, and we had to be realists about it," Meitz said.

    "We are both Type A personalities," Cottingham said. "We think we're both right, and we usually are."

    Since the show has aired, the two have received some attention from fans. Meitz was at a ball game recently, and several people asked him for his autograph.

    Cottingham, however, said he wants to go back to being a nobody.

    "I just want to go back to being an air traffic controller," he said.

    The two have received support from their families, friends and co-workers.

    "One thing I'm going to take out of The Amazing Race is just how much I love my wife," Cottingham said. "I guess you just don't realize how good you got it until you don't have it for awhile."

    Meitz's 4-year-old daughter, Olivia, thinks her dad is a regular celebrity.

    "My daughter thinks that dad's on TV all the time," he said.

    Cottingham said the show did not have any effect on their relationship. The two have been friends for 15 years. "We're still friends. We still do stuff together," he said.

    Meitz agreed. "We had a great time."

    Any advice for the teams that are left?

    "Stay friendly with each other, and keep a good chin up," Cottingham said.


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    Panoramic Amsterdam

    "Clicking this link will take you to a 360 degree panoramic view of Amsterdam from the Amstel(Magere Brug) bridge."

    Dave and Steve were right. They were the only team to comment on how beautiful Amsterdam is from the bridge and canel. Too bad the other teams, especially Tian/Jaree and Millie/Chuck were too busy arguing to enjoy it.

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    I was when Steve pointed out that the real workers were wearing regular shoes not klompen.

    Now that they've been eliminated, we'll see the other teams becoming even more competitive. I think that thus far the teams have always been reassuring themselves that S/D were probably behind them.

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