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Thread: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by redjdv;3746004;
    Big Easy did just get lucky by kicking the hay.
    I disagree - while luck plays a BIG part in this challenge (no pun intended), I think what helped him find the flag was that he WASN'T bickering with his teammate. Given he wasn't doing that - he was focused on finding the flag (We don't know if or how many flags the others missed because they were fighting over how to do the challenge).

    Also - Flight Time had a great idea and shared it with Big Easy - rip the sides apart as you unroll it. I think that's why - along with staying calm - Big Easy was as able to find it as fast as he did.

    I am glad that Gary/Matt are still in the race - though I will admit I think that part of it is because Tiffany and Maria quit last week (I really think the NEL was going to be the previous leg), it's still good to know that a. Gary didn't give up (which would be VERY easy to do in that challenge), and b. they were rewarded for not giving up. Even if they are eliminated next go - they can hold their head up high knowing they fought and won one of the toughest challenges in the race.

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I love The GlobeTrotters they prove this game can be played without alot of fussing and fighting. I love how much fun they are having. I love the naming of their Gnome also.lol
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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    It was mentioned that there were only seven flags total in that whole field, so at most, only two flags were overlooked. And given then number of bales (wasn't it 180-something?) I'd be inclined to believe that none of the teams missed a flag. This one was all about luck and perseverence.

    In terms of how far behind Matt and Gary are, I don't think it's that far. They had that clock saying how long they were at the roadblock and I think it was at almost 3 hours when the dad finished, but they got there before any of the other teams besides the Globetrotters finished. So maybe an hour, hour and a half? And there's usually an equalizer, so if they finish their speed bump quickly, they could be in good shape....assuming the son figures out what a candleabra is....

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Maybe a clue was overlooked. Someone rolled a couple of bales and just left them...never kicked the hay apart to see if there was anything in them.

    Meghan's meltdown....she was due for one. They have to be exhausted, homesick, tired and I'm sure a few of them have PMS'd along the way. Frankly, some days just have to be miserable. I love how she faked Cheyne out in the end...

    The Globetrotters....they entertain me so much. Love them!

    The brothers....wow. Dan was an ass. I'm glad he realized what he was doing, but not until Brian said something. Good for Brian! Sam is adorable. That's not pertinent to the game, just an observation.

    I really do like the father/son team. The son looks like the ultimate rebel, but you can tell that he has a lot of respect for his dad and I think the feeling is mutual. The father is a tough cookie. He seemed to have an easier time of it than most of the fit, young racers on the hay challenge. He didn't really complain, either. I love that about him.

    Ericka was adorable this episode. Girl has her bitch moments, but she's not nearly as bad as some of the other women that have graced this show.

    At this point, I like all of the teams and wouldn't be disappointed to see any of them win.
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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Have these contestants ever watched previous seasons? Some of them had never even heard of this most famous task.

    BTW... my kids love watching the globetrotters so much we bought tickets to see them in baltimore the day after Christmas! Both play basketball too.

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott;3746046;
    Matt asks "What's a candle la bra?" Why it's something the candles wear to give thir wicks support.

    Thank you so much for this. It allowed me to begin my Monday morning with a laugh out loud moment.

    Meghan was due! I would have probably told Cheyne to do this task when he didn't step-up, however, it's easy to say that sitting at home. Very poor decision on his part not to do this task. I still have been pretty impressed with how they have treated one another.

    Love the Globetrotters. They are just fun. Loved the whole Gnome naming...

    Wanted to slap Dan. Glad Brian made a point of telling him it was hard. He needed the wake up call.

    Erica was much more tolerable this episode. Loved her face and comment that split second before that ride dropped. It was almost as if she had forgotten what was about to happen.

    Father and Son are great. So nice to see this team work so well together and appreciate each other.
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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I was happy the Globetrotters came in first. Love their sense of humor while still being competitive. I couldn't believe Cheyne made Meghan do the hay challenge. I'd have been whining big time if it were me, lol. I was expecting a NEL this time so was happy it saved Matt & Gary. Erica was better today but still hope they're gone next week. Dan was a jerk and he's lucky his brother didn't slug him.

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Another great show last night and so nice to see the Globetrotters come in first.

    I was so scared the father/son team would be out this week so thank god they get another chance.
    It should be fun watching the son next week

    The father/son is still my favorite and they never fight. It is just so nice to watch them.

    I agree Erica was very nice this week and I did not hear her yell BRIAN one time. Hope she stays nice from now on.

    The 2 brothers were terrible last night with the yelling at each other but I am sure everyone is so darn tired and cranky.

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I love the show last night. The Globetrotter's kept me in stiches. Glad the father/son team didn't get elinimnated. Erika must be reading the blogs, because she was alwfully quiet last night and didn't yell at Brian not one time. I thought Cheyne was a wimp for taking the challenge. Instead he made Meghan do it. You noticed he only words of encouragement for her.

    I too like the remainding teams left and would be happy if any of them win.

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    Re: 11/8 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MiniDiva;3746030;
    I wonder how many flags were overlooked and left behind!
    As I recall, they said there were 7 flags and 180 or so hay bales (and 5 teams looking). So I don't think many (if any) flags were overlooked. Was hoping that Lena and/or Kristy would be at the mat - that would have been cool.
    Glad it was an NEL only because it meant that the father-son team were saved. If it had been Brian and Erika who were last I would have been rooting for their elimination.
    Loved Flight Time and Big Easy coming in first, especially as it was Flight Time's birthday.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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