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Thread: 1/6 Show Discussion Thread *spoilers*

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    Re: 1/6 Show Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by paridy;2745469;
    still makes no sense if they leave on the earlier flight wouldn't that mean they want to arrive there sooner as well the agent was stupid JMO
    No No No!

    Please understand this point before you go on The Amazing Race!

    Leaving on an earlier flight does not mean you will arrive earlier. First of all, a "flight" from A to B does not imply non-stop. This was the case for the flight from Mumbai to Osaka. The earlier flight may have more legs and/or the legs may go in different directions, have varying layover lengths or just take longer. So even though TK and Rachel had the "earlier flight" because they left earlier, they also had one more leg (Mumbai to New Delhi, New Delhi to Beijing, Beijing to Osaka) than the others (Mumbai to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Osaka). (You can't always go by number of legs though; suppose if the teams had to stay at Hong Kong for 12 hours, for example, until the connecting flight.)

    I never understand why teams ask for the "earliest flight" when it's so ambiguous. Even saying the "fastest flight" is problematic because the agent may think you just want to spend the least amount of time on the plane (like maybe you hate flying or something) rather than arriving the earliest.

    So when you're on The Amazing Race, always specify that you want to arrive as early as possible!

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    Re: 1/6 Show Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    ok I get it now thanks for clarifying, I guess TK and Rachel didn't make themselves clear enough obviously but if they told the agent they were in a race maybe she would have understood that they want the earliest arrival at their destination. Oh well maybe it will work out since I notice in next weeks preview they all look like they are at the airport at once.

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