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Thread: TAR13 is a go!

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    Re: TAR13 is a go!

    I'm so happy I love The Amazing Race it never get's old.
    The big brother addiction its taking over

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    Re: TAR13 is a go!

    Quote Originally Posted by ShakeyJake45812;2700604;
    Many of you mentioned you are tired of all the mactor (model/actor) teams the Amazing Race keeps casting. The race is supposed to be a relationship show. What happened to casting real people, with real relationships and real problems? Mactor teams always seem to fall flat! I think if they casted teams that audiences could relate to--season 13 would be stronger and the ratings would improve. After all--the most popular and memorable teams in past races have NOT been mactors!
    We've been through this already! "Models and actors are not real people."

    You mean they're androids?!!

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    Re: TAR13 is a go!

    With the writers on strike, who will come up with all the witty contestant utterances during the race?
    "Weird scenes inside the gold mine
    Ride the highway west, baby"-The End, by The Doors

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    Re: TAR13 is a go!

    While it is true that Models/Actors or Pageant people have been cast.

    Its only bothered me once, and that was season 6. With these racers have some connection with modeling, acting or pageants: Victoria, Rebecca, Hayden, Aaron, Lena, Christy, Freddy, Kendra, (I am not sure if Kris & Jon did any of those, they do have the looks to). But out of the ones I know thats 5 teams out of 11. You could argue Lori & Bolo since they wanted tv work as wrestlers. That would make 6 out of 11. If Kris or Jon did any work thats 7 out of 11 teams.

    Yet season 6 was the 2nd highest rated season of TAR. With only season 7 which benefitted from the presence of Rob & Amber still hot after survivor (which has many more viewers).

    Season 10 which had several that fit is the (after a full season) 3rd most viewed season of AR.

    Season 12 (at 7 episodes) is the 2nd most viewed season according ratings. THis rating average will go down due to airing during the end of December and early January. Most shows take a 20-30 decline even with original episodes.

    The hypothosis that more common people would bring higher ratings is not bore out by the ratings of the show.

    Season average ratings (in millions)
    1. 8.8
    2. 10.3
    3. 8.98
    4. 8.32
    5. 10.73
    6. 11.54
    7. 13.05
    8. 10.08
    9. 9.1
    10. 11.50
    11. 10.1
    12. 11.85

    Now understand this most shows lose viewers, especially since each year of the last ten the tv viewing audience for the main networks has decreased each and every year. THis has increased even more dramatically over the last two years with DVR use (added to those who used VHS to record programming).

    We took three large hits in the ratings (and little have to do with model/actors/pageant they are:

    The family edition. Which started well and bleed viewers. Was not a popular choice among general fans or critics.

    Season 9, which was hurt by airing after the family Edition (where it was doing about the same Numbers until mid cycle they changed day and time of the race. It averaged nearly a million and a half fewer viewers after that shift. Yet a season with few models/actors or pageant people.

    All Stars, which most feel was hurt from having returning racers as opposes to new teams.

    What is also interesting is who people consider Mactors. People generally think people like Hayden and Aaron, Freddy & Kendra, Tyler & James.

    Do they normally think Gary & Dave (both have acted), Lena & Christy (A popular team that oh my god models).

    These shows (really pretty much almost all shows that air on tv), cast attractive people. And as a reality show, they depend heavily on submissions.

    Well understand this more people who model, act are in pageants are typical more attractive then the average person.

    And those same people are general more likely to submit themselves to a show (thats how they get aired by submitting themselves both in person and on tapes). They are also typically better at presenting themselves in the best light in those two formats.

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    Re: TAR13 is a go!

    Quote Originally Posted by Destron;2733354;
    We've been through this already! "Models and actors are not real people."

    You mean they're androids?!!
    I don't care what they do for a living, as long as they're entertaining (or dysfunctional, which can sometimes be entertaining or at the very least give you someone to root against ) One team combo I could gladly see the end of is the bickering, dating "we're doing this to test our relationship and see if we're meant for each other" couples. Been there, done that. Also casting the young, athletic alpha males who are typically pretty boring, with the exception of a few teams in that category. What I've enjoyed this season is some teams, like Nicolas/Donald and Ronald/Christina that you wouldn't expect to do well, have. And that some of the strong teams who earlier dominated are out (Azaria/Hendekea, as much as I liked them), and Kynt/Vyksin, who aren't out but came pretty close.

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    Re: TAR13 is a go!

    TAR is interesting because there is always a chance the underdog teams who seem to have no hope at the beginning of the show often do surprise everyone in how far they make it.

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