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Thread: Sequester?...what is that

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    Sequester?...what is that

    in an interview Eric and Danielle said
    Danielle: We're both very competitive. We're not there to fool around and to not win this. We didn't want to go to sequester, we wanted to finish it. The fact that we just kept getting pushed down was making us angry

    This is the first time I have heard that the people kicked off go to swquester..does anyone know anything about it?

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    Re: Sequester?...what is that

    When the teams come in last, they get sent to a luxury house to finish out the race....so as not to alert the public that they didn't win...You can go to the Amazing Race on CBS.com and see the clips from the house in Elimination Station.

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    Re: Sequester?...what is that

    although the last couple of teams to get kicked out (ie the ones coming 4th and 5th) continue racing just so people wont find out who the final 3 are

    at least that's what i read somewhere

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    Re: Sequester?...what is that

    Sequesterville is another more playful name fans use for this place.

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