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Thread: 3/11 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I know I'm in the big minority here, but Charla & Mirna remain one of my favorite teams ever, so I was incredibly relieved when they lucked out tonight. I can now only hope that Mirna finds a way to relax and stop being so volatile (though I still love her). I think he constant stressing seems to be why they remain at the back of the pack, as I remember them being much calmer in season 5 and doing great during various legs, mainly the first 3 and the first Egypt leg.

    And as much as I love Charla & Mirna, I hate Mariano & Amber. Mariano's overconfidence and dumb moves, Amber's lame lying and not fessing up, it was pathetic, though I'll admit I finally agreed with Amber when she mentioned how full of crap her husband is by not being first place all the time. Watching one of my favorite teams beat out one of my all-time most hated teams was one of the best TAR moments for me. I'm just too happy that I got nothing useful to say while expressing my sheer joy.

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    I was teasing on my "statistics" response. Whether they were the best or not, it's certainly close (Colin and Christie took what, six legs of their season, while Rob and Amber took five first place finishes?).

    Anyway, you're echoing my point about people hating them for all kinds of reasons not related to the race. I understand that, but seeing as how this, again, is "the buesst of the buesst" according to Kentucky David, and the first three episodes showed more ineptitude from nearly every other team than any other season in TAR's history (despite the fact that they've done it before!), yeah...I do think people need to recognize Rob and Amber as players, and understand that their early elimination doesn't exactly legitimize the end result. GRR I'M THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

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    I'm confused. Why was it bad of Amber to lie to Mirna and Charla? It's a race! It's not their job to help people, especially when you are at the back of the pack. I would've lied to them, too. It's not like the shrieking twins haven't lied to anyone before...They've all told a white lie here and there. Everyone is slamming Amber for it. I just don't see it as anything other than gameplay. They do it on Survivor all the time. Hell, that whole show is based on who is the best liar. Amber didn't have to admit anything, either. I didn't see a priest and a confessional anywhere. You wanna win, you play the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs;2276064;
    If you go to the video section of the CBS site three of the last four videos are the letters.You get to hear everything that was in them. Haven't got through all of them yet, but I thought some of you would like to know.
    I just watched them all. By far the best one was Charla & Mirna's letter from Lance and "Schmance." I thought it was so funny.

    A close second was Dustin & Kandice's letter. It was a sweet letter, even Lyn wanted the BQs to be second behind Kentucky. We all know that won't happen.

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    No I don't think that Amber was wrong when she lied and I also think that Rob and Amber played the game well. I just do not like them. If I was to go into the many reasons for that I would be here all night writing the post. Some people are going to love Rob and Amber and some people aren't and there are lots of arguments out that that could be used to support either side
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    I've always liked Amber, but I disagree that they mutually respect each other. Amber is almost always hestitant to disagree or confront Rob, it's in her tone of voice, the cautious way she approaches him, the way she backs down. To me, it does not appear to be an equal relationship or a balanced one at all, and I feel sorry for her.

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    I agree with a few of you up there^ that didn't find anything wrong with Amber lying to charla and mirna. afterall, it is a race! if i were in their place, i wouldve done the same thing. the last thing i would do is tell charla and mirna where the clue really is so they wouldnt be as far behind and possibily even catch up! -_-.. .. no way

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    Darn, Rob and Amber got eliminated by Charla and Mirna. Yuck, total yuck.

    I personally liked Charla and Mirna during their season but now I am totally turned off. Charla is not the problem, Mirna is. I cannot believe she acts as if she is the only one racing. That confessional of hers was unbelievably arrogant. The way Mirna yelled at Charla during the signage part of the roadblock was insulting. She treats Charla as if she is a child and mentally challenged. The stress she is putting on the team is too much, she needs to chill. I cannot see this team lasting much longer they are going to implode and it will be all Mirna's fault, after all she does everything so if things go wrong it is all her fault.
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    I'm probably one of the only people who like Rob and Amber. I loved Rob on his original season of Survivor, I loved them both on All Stars, and I thought they were cheated out of a win on their original season of Amazing Race. I was thrilled when I saw that they were coming back because I thought they played a really smart race the first time.

    Unfortunately, I think they got a little too complacent this leg. The Detour should have been easy-Rob actually mentioned that he hoped it wasn't a spelling mistake when the judge first told them that they were wrong-so why didn't they check the spelling?! Stupid mistake.

    I personally can't stand Charla and Mirna. I didn't like them the first time around. They did the same shouting/blaming/speaking slowly and in fake accents the first time around.

    Plus, I don't see why every team is making a big deal about lying/jumping in front of teams this season. Like last week, when Charla and Mirna were complaining about Guido driving off without them after they'd helped the men. It's a race for a million dollars-would you expect them to let you ahead in the last leg? No-it's the same attidude the backpackers had and none of them won their season. Same thing this week-teams got pissed because Amber lied to Charla and Mirna, but if it's a million dollars, I'd say my grandma died (flashback to Johnny Fairplay, another amazing player).

    Honestly, Romber, Guido, and Oswald and Danny were the only teams I like and thought were great players for the All Stars-so here's hoping one of the remaining two win!

    A team I'd like to see back-I believe they were on Romber's season, but the two boys who showed up to their elimination in Africa wearing swimsuits and fuzzy hats. Hilarious

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    I was so disappointed that Romber went home. I can't stand Charla and Mirna. They are totally disfunctional and play as if they are owed something. Their self-righteous act really gets on my last nerve. I really wish that the producers would choose to focus more on the other teams.

    Was it me or did Rob seem to be taking his time sorting throught the mail?

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