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Thread: 2/25 The Amazing Race All-Stars Recap: Racing With A Giant Baby

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    Excellent recap, Sunny!
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    So Rob and Amber did finish first. I assumed so, but I wasn't sure. I have a special device attached to my television so that the sound mutes, the screen goes black and a soothing voice comes out of my stereo telling me to relax and be happy whenever Rob and/or Amber appear. That and the aromatherapy candles I lit helped me get through the episode.
    Reading your recap I finally realized what the All Stars referred to in the title of the show. Obviously CBS was referring to the FORT recappers, since it doesn't apply to any of the teams.
    As always a highly entertaining recap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7;2257438;
    Joe & Bill are definitely proving it wrong as they are wearing horrible puke-green jackets and matching hats. It gets even better when they remove the jackets to reveal orange shirts underneath, now looking like pumpkins. Gay pumpkins.

    Kevin asks Drew if any of their bolts look like they're out of the groove, and Drew answers "I don't know, I'm taking my medicine." Useless punk. What's he even doing on this show? I feel bad for Kevin. In a brief, bizzare flash, I see Mirna on Charla's shoulders. Mirna, you yell at your cousin for wanting a step-stool, then you use HER as a step-stool? Unreal.
    Great recap!
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    Excellent recap Suncat! Very enjoyable as I'm not familiar with all previous players.
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    We join the teams in Ecuador, where Drew is being given oxygen for his altitude sickness. Last episode he fell down and wiggled around on the ground for awhile. Now this. THIS is one of your all-stars, people. Oh yes, I'm being all uncaring and mean, this stuff could happen to any racer, right? Well he's on my nerves. And I get mean when someone is on my nerves.

    She screams "just give him whatever he wants!" She then shoves her fannypack at him, screaming for him to just take it. He won't, and she screams at him "what do you want from me" then shoves a twenty at him, screaming "God help you!" What a freak. And weirdly enough, she screamed in an accent the whole time.
    Great job, Sunny!
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    Thanks for the great laughs Suncat. Great job!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7;2257438;

    I've been asked before how can one tell Dustin & Kandice apart. Well Kandice is taller and has horse teeth.

    In a brief, bizzare flash, I see Mirna on Charla's shoulders. Mirna, you yell at your cousin for wanting a step-stool, then you use HER as a step-stool? Unreal.

    I'm glad you're gone, Drew. I hope Kevin punched you in the gut once the cameras quit rolling.

    Join us next week for Waywyrd's stellar recap, in which we will learn that Danielle hates fish. See you there!
    Excellent job, sunny.

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    Nice recap.

    Seriously, Kevin was fine, but it is hard to imagine the whiny baby Drew being a fan favorite. 10 years makes a load of difference. And, the bad guy Guido's haven't been so bad, at least yet.

    I didn't think Kevin eavesdropped so much as Mary had no reason to idiotically read it aloud. That was the point of writing it down.

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    Yeah, sorry Drew but with your medical problems you should never have agreed to be on the race.

    But some of the blame for their performance is Kevin's fault.

    Kevin can't drive a stick that left the guy with a back and neck injury having to do all the driving on lava tracks (what so far five of the teams have no called the worst roads they have ever been on). The show didn't really give a good idea on how bad those roads were (either in the first episode or the start of this one). They also didn't really give us a feel for how high they were (compared to say how much they showed of the lower altitude teams were in Season 7).

    But my sympathy goes out the window with his attitude at the Pit Stop.

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