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Thread: Teams That Should Have Come Back...

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    Teams That Should Have Come Back...

    Flo and Zach - Damn.. I love Flo and Zach. They were dysfunctional, but hilarious to watch.

    Flo and Drew - I wonder if anything actually happened between them after their season. If there was, it woulda been hilarious to see the two racing.

    Kris and John - I loved them during their season, and it sucked that they didn't win, would've loved to give them a second chance.

    Ken and Gerard - They ran a great race, and they were generally well liked. Would've been fun to see them back.

    Blake and Paige - They were sweet, and I loved now green they were during their season. It would've been nice to see how they've changed.

    Tara and Will - I wonder what they're like now.. haha.

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    It's Jon not John. I would of loved to see Jon and Kris, Maria and Meredith.

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    Rob/Brennan: I don't have a problem with winners returning, but I especially think the first ones should have been back over anyone. TAR1 was a fairly different show than even season 2, and putting that aside, they went in as the guinea pigs, completely unaware of what to expect.

    Frank/Margarita: This duo is my favorite TAR team ever, and Margarita is my favorite female racer ever. She held her own and proved to be very strong, grounded, and level headed. Two of my favorite Margarita moments were when she jumped off the gorge in Zambia and also ate the chicken feet, beetle larva, and whatever other gross thing in China. It was also really touching to see them talk about their daughter and how towards the end it focused on them coming back together and how the race was helping them. Too bad they aren't together anymore

    Nancy/Emily: Stronger than I thought, would have been the first all female team in the final 3 if it wasn't for them quitting the detour. And I still think that penalty was a load of crap.

    Tara/Wil: If they wanted a mixed team I wouldn't have minded seeing Tara race with her new husband because I doubt very likely these two would have done it together again.

    Blake/Paige: Just absolute sweethearts who make the race worth it after seeing them just enjoy the experience and want to stay in it just so they can keep going from place to place.

    Ken/Gerard: The more funny the better!


    Kelly/Jon: TAR4 would have been a lot worse for me had they gotten eliminated earlier so I'm glad they made it to the end. And I loved the footrace to the mat with Millie/Chuck (couldn't stand those two).

    Tian/Jaree: After the RB in India that helped lead to their elimination, TAR5 is when they should have started having the 6 RB rule.

    Colin/Christie: It just doesn't feel like AS without Colin/Christie. They are that word in every sense.

    Kris/Jon:Robbed out of an AS spot

    Lena/Kristy: Totally deserved a second chance



    Two Linzes (I'm not picky which two)


    Peter/Sarahidn't like him, loved her and think she too is the definition of AS. If it weren't for bad directions this team would have sailed into the final 3.
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    With Rob & Amber and Dustin & Kandice, I can't complain too much, but there are some others I either wanted to see or wouldn't have minded seeing.

    Rob & Brennan
    Blake & Paige
    Derek & Drew
    Chip & Reichen
    Kelly & Jon
    Tian & someone other than Jaree
    Russel & Cindy, who seemed like such a strong team on paper but got put on the wrong train
    Colin & Christie (Colin's the best player not here)
    Kris & Jon (my favorite missing team)
    Lena & Kristy deserve another shot
    Brian & Greg because they got screwed by the car wreck
    Two of the Linz brothers
    Eric & Jeremy
    Tyler & James

    Of those, the only ones I'm really disappointed about are Colin & Christie and Kris & Jon.

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    I would have liked to have seen Jon and Al from season 4. They were the clowns.

    Also, Marshall and Lance-the brothers from season 5. They were eliminated at the pyramids in Egypt. One of them had bad knees. I think this was the team that drove by Charla and Mirna and yelled "bitch" and Charla or Mirna turned around and said "who said that?" I laugh about it every time because I am sure they thought it was Colin.
    Every time I see Charla and Mirna I think of that-and get a could laugh. Wierd-I know.

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    Jon and Kris-a train kept them from winning, they deserved a second chance.

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    Lena/Kristy for sure. Talk about a bad luck for this team...

    Definitely deserved a second chance.

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    Kris and Jon, Hands down
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    I would have liked to see the sister team that kept looking for that needle in a haystack. They showed what perseverance is.

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    For sheer racing chops, I'd have to say Colin and Christie. They weren't too likeable, but they were hilarious (My Ox is Broken!) and they were pretty fierce competitors.

    I loved Chip and Kim in their season, so I'd have enjoyed seeing them again.

    Also have to ditto Kris and Jon. They were good competitors and really, really likeable. Stupid train.

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