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Thread: Charla and Mirna - All Stars

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    Re: Charla and Mirna - All Stars

    Don't forget the hypocrisy John..Massive,massive amounts of hypocrisy.

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    Re: Charla and Mirna - All Stars

    Quote Originally Posted by John;2387064;
    I've never had an issue with Mirna telling Charla to run faster. My issue is Mirna's fake accent ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    And, their sense of entitlement.

    And, their creepy overfamiliarity with people they need something from.
    John I agree...although I wanted to smack Mirna a few times for yelling at Charla..they way she spoke in the accents..I wanted to choke her. She appeared to be very condescending to every local in every country!! Who in their right mind would want to help her!

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