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Thread: The Accidental TARist Goes POSTAL (part 4)

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    The Accidental TARist Goes POSTAL (part 4)

    We can’t help it if these postcards from the Racers mistakenly ended up in our mailbox, can we? And you certainly wouldn’t blame us if they accidentally fell onto the scanner before being returned to the post office, would you? Things like that happen!

    It is our pleasure to continue to bring you these exclusive, never-before-seen (and probably not even real) postcards from the Pit Stops of Amazing Race 10.

    Mary & David

    Kandice & Dustin

    Erwin & Godwin

    Lyn & Karlyn

    Sarah & Peter

    Rob & Kimberly

    Tom & Terry

    James & Tyler

    Thanks to FORT contributing writers and moderators: AJane, Brandy, Dinahann, Lucy, Mariner, MotherSister, mrdobolina, Roseskid, SueEllen, Suncat7, totoro, waywyrd, and Yardgnome
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    The postcards are really revealing, aren't they? Great job everyone.

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    at Mary's stinky bandage!

    Great job everyone!
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    As usual i loved all of them! ^^
    But special giggling at James'PS and Rob's wink to CSI: NY!
    And I loved Karlyn's line "I wasn't working them as much as I was working my mouth"! It would be sooooo her!

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