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Thread: TAR 10 - Erwin & Godwin

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    Bye Bye Cho Brothers I really wanted you guys to win. But you were just too nice when you had to go for it yourselves!

    Still, they left on a great note; They played nice, they played well, they just didnt' play the best. They should be proud of who they are and how respectful they were in all countries to everyone
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    Nice, to a fault. They deserved to go - it's a race for cashola - not friends.

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    Cho Brothers's question

    Which Cho brother is which and which one has the girlfriend we saw when they got on-line in one of the episodes. Would like to know for some reason.
    And I am so mad, my TIVO taped 1/2 hour of 60 minutes and a 1/2 hour of AR due to late football. Missed the Cho's being eliminated.

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    The one with the short hair is Godwin, the one with the longer hair is Erwin. I am fairly sure that it's Godwin's girlfriend.
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    It irked me when one of the 'Bama moms said the Chos should run their own race. They didn't mind the alliance when it suited their purpose! And if they didn't think the Chos should keep waiting for them...then, why not just tell them that, instead of taking the advantage, but then insulting them behind their backs. Not fair to accept it then gripe about it & say the Chos shouldn't do that.

    Either/or, but not both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7;2152020;
    The one with the short hair is Godwin, the one with the longer hair is Erwin. I am fairly sure that it's Godwin's girlfriend.
    it was Erwin's girlfriend

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    Julian Pyke
    I never really liked this team. Heck, I didnt like anyone in the backpack alliance (The 4 teams: chos, bamas, kentucky, and the gay guys.)

    The Chos, I could barely stand. They ahd so much potential... (but never enough to get to final 4... they did horrible on directions and OK on challenges. They didnt have enough endurance though.) They could of probably gone far had they worked with teh beauty queens, models, and couple... or had a small chance of making it to final four or three being by themselves!

    This team is just going for popularity in my eyes. All this who-ha about being nice and stuff, tehre were instances when I really thought theyw ere syaing teh exact opposite of what they thought.

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    I like the Cho brothe. I really feel sad when they were eliminated... they are nice people. A lot of people notice that. I hate the barbies... they have the worst attitude in the contestant. Even it is the fact that they were in the race...they should have act like an educational people. I hate the way they insult others... they really have no respect. Cutting on the line...stoling a car...I really like Cho brothers...they have seen the most important clue in this race. They have been the most wonderful team in the race. Even they were eliminated...they have captured the hearts of people...they hard to forgot.

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