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Thread: Few TAR application questions

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    Few TAR application questions

    Not sure where these questions go, but...

    For those of you who have applied multiple times, do you know if it's held against applicants to re-apply? Probably not a new thing, but I see at the top of the current application it says, "unless you are applying with a new teammate, if you previously applied ... but were not selected as finalist ... please do not re-apply." It seems like a lot of people apply more than once, but are you applying with new teammates? Does casting hold it against you to re-apply with the same teammate?

    Also, what does it mean if my city (or state) isn't on the list (it's a big city and has always been on the list before)? I'm willing to drive 4 hours if lucky enough to get the call, but does the omission mean that they NOT looking for people from my specific state?

    May seem like over-analytical questions...but you see, it's my attention to detail that's going to help me win that 1M prize...oh yeah, and my partner too!!

    Thanks for any insight you can offer!!
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    Well, I know the Survivor applications say not to apply again if you already have and weren't called for an interview, but then we've heard that several contestants who are on the show have applied several times, including Cindy and Brian from Guatemala, and Sally from this season. So who knows.. it obviously didn't affect their standing with the application process, so I'm assuming that the Amazing Race would be the same.

    I'm not sure on your other questions, seeing as I'm still 2 years too young to apply and obviously haven't before, so hopefully someone with better knowledge about the process can help you along.

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    I've applied twice with different teammates. The second application had a really good video and a near professional photo mug. My female temmate was very attractive and outgoing. We had a strong hook, the package was there for them to call us for an interview. But...

    Having read a lot of interviews with teams that have been on the show, these are my observations.
    1) If you don't have an agent, your chances significantly decrease. You are not applying for one of 11 positions. Think about the make up of the show. One minority couple, one geriatric couple, one alternative lifestyle couple, a heavy-set team, a parent/child team, and some models thrown in to the mix. In one season, it was ascertained that only 3 teams went through the full application process, the other eight had agents or talent scouts.
    2) Have a good mug shot of your team, I think. My guess, and it's only a guess, most teams never get past this stage. So your video is immaterial. In TAR3, CBS actually posted most of the applicant audition tapes. Some of them were pretty bad. The tape couldn't be what got them the interview.
    3) Irreverance counts. Several teams have talked about how they really didn't take the process too seriously. Their videos and applications are not serious applications. I'm not sure how that works - we employed this technique, somewhat. But I never got called for an interview.
    4) Have an agent. If you are a traditional M/F couple, your chances go down. If you are alpha males, and don't have an agent, my guess is don't apply. If you are two hot, vivacious women, and don't have an agent, you might still have a chance.

    Good luck, keep hope alive, but don't wait by the phone. There have been tens of thousands apply, they already have a massive pool to pull from.

    Sorry, din't mean to be a downer.

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    DustParticle, thank you!! I knew others had applied multiple times, but you're right. I've heard it mostly from Survivor apps. We were so stiff and blah, blah, blah talking in our first app that I want to give it another go. I think I will and see what happens. Hope the show's around for another couple years for you to apply!

    And, T.Victor. Wow, thanks for your insight too. I am applying in probably the most popular category: husband and wife team (we're not old, not young...smackdab in the middle category...but we're far from a Jonathan/Victoria or Lake/Michelle duo). We are the epitome of the average viewer. I know we're up against HUGE competition, but I look at it like the lottery: can't win if you don't play. So, I'm going to try to figure out some gimicky hook for my husband and me, and see where it takes us.

    I do appreciate both of you taking the time to respond to me. Karma baby, what goes around comes around. I wish you both success in your future application endeavors!!

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