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Thread: Danielle & Dani - Season 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    "pink puppies".. that's funny!

    From here on out, I declare..that ANY TEAM that wears the same outfit and/or colors I cannot, and will not root for them. EVER!
    SOOoooooooo annoying.
    Well I noticed a lot of the teams had matching shirts last night. D & D however, were the only ones whose outfits completely matched each other. The two sisters *might* have at one point, but I can't remember for sure.

    I liked D & D's outfits (pink is my favorite color), but after the age of 10 or 11, I never dressed like a twinkie with any of my friends! (Not deliberately, at least!)

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    Julitta ( I think I'm sorry if I got the name wrong) said in another thread that each team was assigned a "color" and had to match their outfits to that color. Not that it excuses them for dressing head to toe in pink, but it at least explains the weird phenomenon.

    This team wasn't as gratingly irritating as I expected them to be. I laughed when they made fun of the guys. They aren't great racers thus far and have only been saved by the fact there are racers that are far more incompetent. Unless they improve considerably, they'll be out shortly after the truly dysfunctional (i.e. Fran and Barry, the Screaming Mimis).
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    I just realized who Danielle reminds me of, Paradise Hotel's Kristin. Sorry I couldn't find a better image of her.

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    Anyone take note of the huge backpacks these girls have? Think they are carrying around too many pairs of matching clothing or something!

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    Why can't they ever get people from New York who are NORMAL??? (well, except Kevin and Drew).

    These 2 need to GO!

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    I was gonna call them "Pinky & The Brain" but then, I thought, which one would be the one with the brain??
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    As if I didn't like this team enough, after getting to watch the Insider Clips, I like them even more. We get to see the girls in a taxi in Sao Paolo, realizing that they packed way too much stuff and have maybe the heaviest packs among all teams, and that can slow them down. So what do they do? They decide to lighten up their packs by taking some of their things and giving them as presents to children they meet in the streets, and they enjoy doing so. Now that's a class act.

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    i really like this team

    i hope they dont do what happened to megan and heidi and go number 9 in episode 1 to last in episode 2

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    I didn't think I would like these 2 after the first show, but after this one, they are great. they flew up that waterfall climb, and realized that using their beauty was not always going to work. That they learned it so quickly is a good sign, hope they remember it!

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    They're not that bad.. I sorta like them. I just can't stand how they're flirting back to the mouth breathers.
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