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Thread: 'Free gas for life' isn't unlimited prize

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    Figures, but it's still better than any other prize except the grand prize. Inflation will definitely kill it after a while.
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    Eh, it's gas that's free. I'd take it. If we're still using GAS for propulsion in 50 years, I'd be surprised.

    Free gas for [however long we'll be needing gas], is way better than getting used bacon grease, or french fry grease for life.

    Or, a big 900 volt battery for your electric car, free plug-ins for life.

    Or....nothing. Just sayin'..
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    They always do stuff like that. Someone I know won free pizza for a year. Now, we all know people who would be ordering pizza every night for everyone (and pocketing the cash). But the deal was actually something like 1 or 2 pizzas a month for a year. I guess they have to put limits or everyone would go crazy (reminds me of the scene from Reality Bites. Winona Ryder's character was totally broke & her dad had previously given her a gas station credit card. So she was at the station buying gas for everyone who came in and taking the money so she could have some money).
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    My husband does commute and he is in construction so he has to drive around to different job sites every day. He uses about $500-$600 a month in gas. So $1200 a year would only get him through 2 - 2 1/2 months here.
    Didn't mean to sound liek we are complete gas hogs either. He has a big truck and he does need it for work, but we are researching the french fry grease thing Maveno mentioned. We are hoping to buy him a truck next year we can convert to bio-diesel, because the $600 a month is way expensive and we hate it and we hate using so much gas, but until recently there haven't been a lot of other options available either and there really still isn't for larger vehicles.
    We do drive a small, gas efficient family car tho to make up for his gas hoggieness during the work day.
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