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Thread: 11/1 Show Discussion Thread **spoilers**

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    The praying's been bugging me for weeks and just gets progressively worse. It's not even don't make us last, which would be bad enough. It's help us find this street, help us get out of this mud, help us find this office chair, help us not make stupid comments, ...

    Anyone can YIELD a team as long as the yielded team is behind them (they don't have to be the first team). If the Paolo's hadn't, I have no doubt somebody else would have.
    Yes, but they would have had to answer to the teams behind them, particularly the one who ended up using the yield. Either you piss off a weak, non-threatening team, or you piss off someone like the Linzes.

    Sorry to see the Gaghans go but since TAR did nothing to make this season fair for the families with kids it's great they made it this far.
    TAR is definitely dumbed down, in some cases giving the teams with kids an unfair advantage. It ultimately wasn't the kids who dragged the team down... it was the parents (and in some cases some bad luck).

    I would've just let someone do it because I know that there would be targets on my back.
    Exactly. Unless you just want the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

    Some people here have it out for the kids, which I don't understand. I suspect it's not really the KIDS, per se, but the very fact that they're IN THE RACE that bugs some people.
    That's what did it for me because it's one of the things that had them searching for the world's largest cotton swab. If they'd stuck to the 12 year old limit, that may not have been so bad. I like the younger Paolo kid, and Hunter was the least objectionable Schroeder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSoul
    I didn't realize The Lord got cable.

    Maybe He gets Satelite TV instead!
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    Quote Originally Posted by waitforbigbro
    They are not my favorite team but they are way above the Paulos
    Really? Not when the Paolo's have taken FIRST, twice in a row. The Weavers are constantly one minute away from being eliminated. They're not above anyone, especially the Paolo family. In anything.
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