This article, which is a little old - sorry - is about a guy who's a cameraman for "Cops" and "TAR4", among other things. Anyway, it has an interesting little tidbit...

Cunningham will leave in a few weeks to film "Amazing Race #4." "The Amazing Race" is a CBS program in which 12 two-person teams race around the world for a $1 million prize. They travel by slides, rafts and bicycles; climb mountains; and sometimes take time out for sky diving or bungee jumping.

Because it is a game show, the camera crew is not allowed to talk to or try to help the contestants. Cunningham hasn't even been given the exact locations of where he'll be filming. The producers supply him information about the climate in the various countries he'll be visiting so he'll know the type of clothing to pack.

"To stay in shape, I've been working out equally as hard as I did during the off seasons for 'COPS,'" he said. "I've heard that, from a production standpoint, because of the physical nature of the work, it's the most challenging show that I'll ever work on. I'm really looking forward to this."