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Thread: Which Team Do You Like Most??? :)

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    Which Team Do You Like Most??? :)

    after watching several episodes of Amazing Race....

    I especially like the grandparents but they were eliminated already

    Kendra is very supportive of Freddy and that's very admirable

    Rebecca has a very strong personality and she makes a good amazing race candidate, Adam still loves Rebecca and it's so obvious, i just hope that they will learn to appreciate each other even before the race ends

    I really like Lori and Bolo, i especially liked them more when they stayed outside the train station and they looked so sweet sleeping in the rain...

    Jonathan is over-confident and i feel bad for his wife coz she has to listen to his insults every single time... it definitely will lower her self-esteem, luckily his wife is a very strong person.... and obviously he loves his husband, jonathan is such a lucky man

    if i dont like jonathan, as for the female, i especially dont like Hayden...... she's the female counterpart of jonathan, i really feel sorry for Aaron.. since they're not married yet, it's either Hayden realizes how bad she treats aaron or aaron pls come to your senses and find someone better..... i especially hate seeing how Hayden treated Aaron in the spicy soup challenge

    i like kris and jon the most, they are soooooooo cute and soooo loving i just hope they win this race

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    favorite team

    Rebecca and Adam are my favorites. I like them, they're funny, they're entertaining, and although they haven't been coming in first (or 2nd, 3rd), I still think they are doing well. Well, at least Rebecca is.

    Also liked the grandparents as a feel-good team, but they weren't going to win.

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    I like Jon and Kris, but I also liked the grandparents and Lena and Kristi.
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    i like:
    jonathan and victoria (just so much fun to watch them)
    adam and rebecca (i just love rebecca)

    dont like:
    kris and jon (too "high")

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    I like Jon & Kris. They seem genuinely nice.
    I also find Lori & Bolo entertaining!
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    Rebecca is too cute.

    Jon/Kris I love ... hoping they win.

    Lori/Bolo I love too ... hoping they win too.

    Freddy/Kendra are fine, but waiting for them to be eliminated

    Haydon/Aaron are fine, but waiting for them to be eliminated

    Jonathon ... I want him to be arrested after being told he's eliminated from the race. I have nothing against Victoria, except she needs therapy.
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    I actually like all but one of the teams left (that would be Hayden & Aaron.) I liked Hayden the first episode, then the second episode I started liking Aaron and hating her. Aaron wasn't too bad last night, but of all the racers left, he's still at the bottom of my list.

    Adam & Rebecca are starting to grow on me. I wasn't too fond of Rebecca making remarks about Adam's mom still cutting his toes and all that, but I remember Monica & Sheree from TAR4 saying they were encouraged to talk about being married to professional athletes (Colin & Christie made similar claims), so this could just be a case of producer influence (or not, but oh well.) She just has a personality that I love to watch, and seems to have a competitive side, but it's not intense like with some of the other teams. It's more of a fun vibe. As for Adam, he's defiantely had his moments that's made me want him to stick around, just for the comic relief, if not for any other reason. I really wouldn't have a problem with them winning, should it happen (although they aren't my first choice.)

    I love Kris & Jon, although I can't say there's really anything outstanding about them as far as them being on TV. I rank John Vito & Jill above them, and even though they've raced really well, and have great attitudes and a great relationship, that's all I'll really remember about them (for now, anyway. There's still a few episodes to go.) In saying that, as of right now, I want them to win.

    I also liked Meredith & Maria and Lena & Kristy. I underestimated the sister's ability. I thought they might be one of the first three teams gone, and while I was right (unfortunately) they were a lot better racers than I thought they would be. Meredith & Maria had a couple of bad legs, and got eliminated, but I also think they had potential to go far. I would have loved to see them drive those cars in Hungary. They also had a fun personality that this season seems to be lacking.

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    i love lena & kristi as well as gus & hera also mary jean & don...so sad to see them all go....as of present time, i love aaron....wish i were in hayden's position.

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    Kris And Jon

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    My favorite team is Hayden/Aaron, she's been getting a bit abrasive lately but they were my picks from day one so I must stay loyal! I like his sense of humor, and insofar their relationship appears somewhat healthy..especially in comparison to some of the other pairs we have left. They fight here and there but usually make up soon after so it's not so bothersome. And heck, I was rooting for Flo & Zach in TAR3 so this is nothing.

    I also like Kris/Jon but they're just a bit too Stepfordish and freakishly perfect in every possible way. I really wonder if they're even human at times.

    Lori/Bolo are growing on me but they have just a little too much testosterone. Lori is especially confrontational and irritating, I wonder if they put her on some meds the past few episodes or just cut out all of that. Or maybe the fatigue has finally shut her mouth.

    Adam/Rebecca can be fun to watch but I just cannot bring myself to root for them. I like her wit but he really needs to grow up. They've been growing on me lately along with the wrestlers, but this is mainly because of the sad sack of teams we're stuck with now.

    I cannot stand Freddy/Kendra, she's an ignorant priss and he's a ticking-time-bomb. I think that people like Freddy are scarier than people like Jonathan, at least with Jonathan the constant anger is completely expected. Freddy was practically a mute until a bonk on the head that didn't even faze Hera tipped him over the edge.

    And then there's Jonathan/Victoria..the less said about them (especially him) the better.

    As for dearly departed teams, I loved Lena/Kristy and Gus/Hera. Sorta indifferent about the others.

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