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Thread: Budapest-Egar-Budapest times

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    Budapest-Egar-Budapest times

    Reviewing the episode I have calculated some estimates of times each team took in their tasks from Budapest-Egar-Budapest. Also this is one very long day. Freddy/Kendra started at 2:55am in Berlin and the Budapest Internet Cafe does not open until 10pm the next day. That is about 21 hours!!

    1. F/K
    Flight arrived at 11:05am
    Arrived at Egar train station at 3:15pm
    Took the 4:25pm train to Budapest
    Total time est. 4:10 mins.

    2. G/H
    Flight arrived at 11:05am
    Arrived at Egar train station at 4:45pm
    Took the 5:18pm train to Budapest
    Total time est. 4:40 mins.*
    *Switched tasks

    Flight arrived at 12:10am
    Arrived at Egar train station at est. 5:00pm
    Took the 5:18pm train to Budapest
    Total time est. 4:45 mins.*
    *Pulled over by the police but also aided by police escort to Egar exit.

    4. A/H
    Flight arrived at 11:05am
    Arrived at Egar train station at 5:40pm
    Took the 6:30pm train to Budapest
    Total time 5:35 mins.*
    *Needed a new Trabant at airport, got lost and ran out of fuel.

    Flight arrived at 12:10am
    Arrived at Egar train station at est. 6:10pm
    Took the 6:30pm train to Budapest
    Total time est. 5:00 hrs.*
    *Needed a new "Herbie" in the town of Egar.

    6. A/R
    Flight arrived at 12:10am
    Arrived at Egar train station at 7:00pm
    Took the 7:30pm train to Budapest
    Total time est. 7:50 mins.*
    *Trabant broke down needed assistant from local to continue.

    7. L/B
    Flight arrived at 12:20am
    Arrived at Egar train station at est. 9:10pm
    Missed last train to Budapest.
    Total time est. 8:50 mins.*
    *Trabant broke down on highway needed a new one to continue.

    Like them or not J/V are good racers, F/K had no real problems and kudos to J/K for making up some lost time.
    Bolo must have gotten lost because there were two clips of him asking locals for directions to the M3. I could not see the train station clock clearly on L/B leg, I thought it read 9:10pm. I believe being lost at the beginning of the leg cost them the most time because J/K also needed a new Trabant and they did not need 8 plus hrs.

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    Great Statistics

    Great Stat's umass!

    But what I've been tryin to find out (and maybe it's being discussed elsewhere) is how long the train ride from Egar to Budapest is... because I'd hate to see Lori and Bolo not make the Internet cafe by the time it closes at 10am...
    BUT since I see that Aaron and Rebecca made it to the Internet cafe before 10p (although they didn't make it by much judging from the line out front) and their train left at 730p, I would like to make the assumption Lori and Bolo won't be 24 hours behind the pack...

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    Awesome stats. You're good.
    This is Bolo's clock; around 9:10PM:

    Phil said that Eger is 62 miles from Budapest.
    If they drive at 31 miles per hour, that takes only 2 hours max.
    If the towing truck goes at 31m/h too, that's another 2 hours max.
    They can't go slow on the freeway anyway.
    In theory, all teams should reach the castle in 4 hours max.
    "I was ionized, but I'm OK now", Buckaroo Banzai

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    Eger is about 130 Kilometers from Budapest.

    According to the Hungarian State Railways page (MAV dot HU) the trip can be as short as 2 hours .....
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    Ok, the question I have is this: could Bolo & Lori drive to another train station ( a busier one with later trains ) and take a train from that station into Budapest? Because the clue just says that they have to take a train into Budapest, not from what station. Or maybe it does? I was just wondering...

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    Re: Lori and Bolo- First of all, if i'm in a race with a lot riding on it, if i miss the train, and everybody else is ahead of me, i'm going to price a cab, check the bus, whatever. 60 miles is too far to walk in the time before the next train would get them to Budapest, but anything short of that-i mean, they're so far behind and guaranteed to be behinder, even if this is a non-elimination leg, they'll lose all their cash at best, so why not "squander it" now on getting to Budapest? And, yeah, there'd probably be a penalty for not taking the train, but, all things considered, can that possibly be worse than falling almost a day behind? More curiously, thanks for posting the clock-i checked with Elvira (Hungarian equivalent of Amtrak, not Mistress of the Dark) and while i did not check every day of the week, a weekday and a weekend day showed a 10:30ish train back to Budapest. And funny, too, several internet sites list the Budapest Internet Cafe's hours as 10AM to 10PM, not the other way around as the sign on the door indicates...
    Other things-i liked the last episode for several reasons-the competitors did not get "bunched" after leaving the rest stop. Temporarily, they did, but the bungee thing staggered them nicely for the next leg. At the same time, i liked having the Roadblock somewhere other than preceding the mad dash to the finish every time.

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    The clue specifically said to take a train. They would be penalized the time savings if the did that plus some. I don't think they have another option but to wait for the train, unfortunately. They only hope is bunching somewhere in the morning.

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    Maybe there's a bunching at the next location after the internet cafe, and the wrestlers catch up. And how much does surfing the web in Hungary cost?

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