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Thread: Lena and Kristy

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    I don't know about these girls. I don't have their names straight yet, so please bear with me if I have misidentified one as the other:

    Lena - OK, I can see calling yourself a student, even though you're not in school, because you plan to go back. But, honestly, I had to look at her askance when she called herself a model. She is a pretty girl, to be sure, but her face looks a bit lopsided, like it was squished just a tiny bit when she was still in the baking stage. There's no way in hell I buy that she's a model. Sorry, but no. Posing in family snapshots is not modeling.

    Kristy - I don't know what to make of her either (though I do belive that she could be a model, she's lovely). I didn't read the bios before I watched the show last night, so I didn't know that she's a single mom. I was surprised that she didn't mention her daughter once during the "getting to know you" portion of last night's show. She mentioned her Mormon values, but not her daughter. Hmmm. OK.

    I need to watch these ladies more before I feel like I can get a good read on them. I wish them well, though. Well, I don't wish them any specific harm.

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    They are my favorite group so far. Mostly based on looks. But they do seem very smart, so I can see them going far.

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    I was surprised to find I like this team so far. They seemed to think about their choices, such as taking the highway so as not to get lost rather than the other route that seemed shorter.

    If CharlieBug is reight about one of them being on Elimidate, however, my opinion of them will drop. I've caught that show two or three times while channel surfing. It's dreadful.

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    I didn't expect to like these girls, but thought they did an OK job last night. Will just have to see what next time brings.

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    They're more competitive and a stronger team than I gave them credit for. Originally I thought it would be Meredith & Maria that would be more competent. Hopefully they stick to they're plan and quit playing follow the leader. I like them, and hope they make it far.

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    one of the 2 teams who i do not find annoying (the other is the grandparents) the others are completely obnoxious!!!!!! i really do hope these two win..they look like britney spears..

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    I am rooting for them...they did well and are the hometown girls.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    i take back what i said before. i like these two now. they seem fun and cool..and not ditzy (as of now..)

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    Regarding whether Lena's a model.

    I refer you to exhibit #1--


    I'd say she cleans up well....

    BTW-- There are some pictures of her and her sister in the gallery section.

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    Except for running past the pitstop and losing out on being team 2, they did pretty well for themselves. Another mistake was following Freddy & Kendra blindly which they shouldn't have done. But they were supportive of each other and otherwise navigated pretty well. I think they'll do pretty well as long as they don't get destroyed by Killer Fatigue later on.

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