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Thread: Lena and Kristy

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    WTH is a "striptease aerobics instructor"?

    And, a fist fight between sisters? Not a good sign...
    I was awfully curious as to what a striptease aerobics instructor is as well, so I googled it, and here's what I came up with: http://www.azcentral.com/specials/sp...iostrip24.html

    Apparently (according to the article) it's the newest fitness craze... who knew stripping was good for you?

    Someone will have to get out that pole in the Party thread again...

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    Beautiful, blonde, fist-fighting, striptease aerobic college sisters? Sounds like a porno. A hot, hot porno.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    The first read of that Q&A and I said to myself, "This will probably turn into Team Klueless if things go wrong." Sort of sounds like it. This team will be interesting, and probably have less of a chance of going the way K/K did, into utter fights and stuff.

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    haha...my first impression of kristy was that she looked like keira knightley..

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    Striptease aerobics instructor? That may come in handy if they need to beg for money.

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    Woohoo... think I will like them. Just hope they dont end up as clueless as Karmi & Karli. :rolleyes

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    I went reading the TAR profiles in alphabetical order. So it was really beyond comprehension to me that by the time I got to this team it was the 4TH team I saw with a model on it--for a grand total of 6 models in this race. This is just ridiculous.

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    Kristy: I hope to be an example and show the world that Mormons, Utahans and women can be interesting, exciting and capable of competing in high-stress situations while maintaining core values. Traveling always opens my mind to different issues facing foreign cultures. Some of my most life-changing and character-building experiences have come from traveling to unfamiliar places.
    I hate people who are trying to prove something, and I think it's been done that Utahans, Mormons, and women can be interesting. One of my friends brought up that one of them is a single mother, the other a strip tease instructor, and yet they claim to have core values. Nothing against all of that (I'm a single mom as well) but I just found that funny.

    I like these girls, although I wouldn't be too surprised if their gone by the fifth leg.

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    I think this team will go far, and they are my faves in this season!!!

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    I can hardly wait for the first cussing streak.

    Kristy sounds like she's gonna be Ms. (pardon me, Miss) Taskmistress.

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