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Thread: Lena and Kristy

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2

    We watch because my 11 year old loves the music, and I love the geography of it all. The drama of the teams comes in 3rd. Although, it'll really tickle me pink when Jonathon loses because of a bonehead move HE ALONE makes. Perhaps at a roadblock, so Victoria can't be blamed.

    He'd probably blame her anyways something like "If you had of done it like I told you too we would have won"

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    Awwww.. no more eye candies for the race..
    oh look hayden's cute..

    but sure L&K was a tough team... and sweet too..

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    I think if L&K missed a clue, it was way past dark, making it harder to see, or they got buried in the hey as she kept rolling the bales over already unrolled hay bales. Then, the hay is pretty think and the clue could get lost in the mix. But she could've just picked the wrong 100 hay bales. It happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thonolan
    Apparently, she missed several of them. Think about it: 175 bales of hay, 20 clues. 8 clues were found, which means that there were 12 undiscovered clues. Lena's sister told her that there were just 3 or 4 bales left. Of course, a few of those missing 12 could have been overlooked by other contestants, but if she really unravelled over 100 bales, she obviously walked right over multiple clues.

    She needed to work smarter, not harder.
    ReplayTVs are great - I have watched the show about 5 times. When "3 or 4" was said it was piles left, not bales. In the shot of Phil walking up to them after nightfall, there were 5 bales untouched behind him that you could see in the light. I have to believe there were more.

    As for the producers - I think that if a clue was overlooked and they stopped to film it then someone would have gone back for another look. If Lena saw it then the film crew could be accused of helping them. If Kristi saw the cameraman pause then she possibly could have told Lena to check back in a certain area. I will admit I do not know the rules. After the last team left and night fell then Kristi joined Lena in the field which would not* be allowed during the normal course of the challenge.

    The odds are she missed one. However - that does nothing to take away from the determination and fortitude she showed. It would not have surprised me to hear Lena stayed in the field after the Philimination to find a clue just to say she completed the challenge.

    They were my picks in the office pool (yes - we have one). I am now rooting for Team Disgustingly Cute (aka Ward & June or Kris & Jon).

    *I say that since if both were allowed in the field then one could unroll bales and the other could look for the clue and give an indication that one was overlooked.

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    I was wondering with Freddy & Kendra if the camera men shot they're clue on the ground after they had taken another one and drove off. I thought they might do something similar with these 2 (shoot a clue in the haystack after the sisters were eliminated, and the RB long over.) Anyway, I really miss these ladies. I thought they might be the first female team to win, or at least be in the final 3. Marshall & Lance should take note, at least they didn't quit even though they knew they were in last. I was half expecting Lena to tell Phil she wanted to keep going.

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    Not to be outdone by Jeff Probst, Phil is dumping his wife and is now going out with Kristi. He was just SO enamoured with her saying he is a "Choo Choo Charlie and a class act". She also was filmed putting on makeup before the pit stop so she would look beautiful to Phil. Although Julie Berry is several years younger than Kristi Phil is happy with his decision since Kristi does not bawl on camera. She just does not like spiders.

    (just kidding ! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by rssrara
    Phil is happy with his decision since Kristi does not bawl on camera.
    That has to be the funniest part of the joke LMAO

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    So, just what exactly is a choo choo charlie?
    Last week, Japanese scientists explaced... placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. Sir Godfrey of the Nessie Alliance summoned the help of Scotland's local wizards to cast a protective spell over the lake and its local residents and all those who seek for the peaceful existence of our underwater ally. ~ Napoleon Dynamite

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    I don't believe Lena missed a clue but the more teams arrived the worse her chances became in finding a clue. There should have been one clue hidden per clump of hay bales (maybe 1/14).
    Lena/Kristi should have gone to a spot were no one was and started their search away from other teams. The more unrolled hay bales the more confusing and frustated the task became because
    TAR would not clump all the clues in one spot.

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    I dont think they missed a clue. This is why.
    After Don and MJ checked in i would think after one hour of them already being at the pit stop someone would have told them she missed one and where it was. This way they could have them at least get to the pit stop. And also i read they were covered in ticks so they would have told them they missed it to get them out of there. Thats why Phil came because they would prolly get realyl sick from ticks if they kept going and going.

    I think they are just real real unlucky and hopefully AR learned its lesson no more Lotteries.

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