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Thread: TAR viewing parties?

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    TAR viewing parties?

    Hey I was wondering if TAR fans out there had actually had viewing parties, you know, when you get together every week at someone's place to watch TAR.

    Is there one for Toronto? I'd organise one, but my apartment is too small.

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    Good idea...

    I thought of the same thing. Maybe not for each weekly episode but surely for the finale. For the last episode my wife and I ordered in Chinese...and some ice cream...and we had a bottle of champagne ready for the finish. It was fun and we did ask a couple of other couples we knew were fans over but they lived too far away and it was a week night. However, we said...how cool would it be for a big sports bar or restaurant to offer an Amazing Race Finale party....with booze and food....I bet it would fly in some of the big cities. It is so funny when you try to explain your enthusiam to a non TAR fan...they just look at you ...but then when you meet another fan...they get all animated haha.....imagine a couple of hundred packed into a bar. Cool idea. Maybe next time.

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    I don't know - it would probably be really noisy and you'd miss dialogue. Not like hockey or football where there is not speaking parts to consider really (except for the announcers, of course).
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    There's TARcon.

    On the final episode of each season there's a big party at Madison Square Garden in NY held by another board. This year it was from 8 PM - 1 AM+ depending on if people stayed later. The racers come, Phil comes, previous racers come, and other people from reality show comes. Alot of people were there...I think 400+ this year.

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    I'd like to have one in Auckland! There's not much NZ people that likes the show.

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