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Thread: Early show Spoilers

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    I didn't like this team initially, especially after Colin's outburst at the airport about the donut tyre. And how Christie always seemed so passive when he was yelling about. But I'm actually happy for them and they showed a lot of class in the finale. Congrates to them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    Colin mentioned at the beginning of the show that if they got through the race he knew that Christie was the one for him. I think it's great that he did it on the show. I'm a romantic at heart. I don't believe it was thunder stealing on Colin's part.
    Sure they got through the race, but not without a whole lot of fighting and screaming matches mixed with bad attitudes and greed! Shouldn't that say something about the idea of getting engaged to this fool?!
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    First marriage... and you know what comes after that...
    children. God help them.

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    I don't think she thinks he's a fool, she seems pretty in love with him...she can be crazy all on her own as well. I say they deserve each other completely...and Brandon & Nikki although they seemed really functional on the show, I think this is it for them. Brandon does not seem to love her as much as Colin seems to love Christie. Can't believe I'm saying this but by their behavior I really think that's the true relationships.
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    I especially liked the bit on the Morning Show where Colin complained about their bad editing.

    At my cousin's wedding, his best man proposed to his girlfriend during the reception. It didn't go over well with anyone of my cousin's family. He could have just hung a sign around his neck that said "Look at me. I Want AtTENTION!"

    Harry blew him off. Yes, Brandon and Nicole looked odd. Perhaps they were just fed up with scene stealing Colin.

    But, the Bowling Moms got a hug from Harry!!

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    I am so mad I forgot to TiVo it!

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    That does not seem like a healthy relationship. Those two were terrible to each other at times. Thanks goodness Chip and Kim won!

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    Hm, well I ended up falling asleep after all. Darn it, I wanted to get it on tape. Is there anyway to save the clip from the website? All I want is the C&C proposal.

    I just watched it twice cos it was so cute.

    Christie is just gorgeous, and Colin looks so much better without all that gel in his hair.

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    thanks for the screencap tarfan4ever. I missed the show this morning.

    Did anyone see Donnie and Allison at the end of the race? I didn't. Were they on TES this morning?


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