The question is: Is The Amazing Race considered to be "a contest that is filmed" or "a television show that is about a contest."

It's an important distinction because if you think that the Amazing Race is a contest, then "reporting" on it should strive to be as accurate as covering the Olympics. Imagine if NBC had covered the Marathon and hidden exactly how far behind the American was with editing, just to make it seem like it was going to be a sprint to the finish--as much as they'd like to do that, they can't...because they are merely covering an event.

If it is a television show first...then that allows for things like "you have to travel together, you have to read the clue together out loud, you have to announce whether or not you're using the yield" etc. And the "official race" is only what we see...the unofficial stuff on "insider" shows us things that may have happened, but are not officially part of the television show.

I think there are benefits and problems to both ways of looking at it...but in the end, it's a television show to CBS and only those of us interested enough to notice missing roadblocks and ignored Yields will worry about it...