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Thread: Upcoming Change for Saturday Reruns

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    Upcoming Change for Saturday Reruns

    While CBS will not air the rebroadcast of the 9/7 episode this Saturday (9/11), and CBS may not air "Race" on Saturdays until the new season starts.

    CBS will pre-empt the 9/14 rebroadcast on 9/18 with College Football (Univ. of Florida vs. Univ. of Tenn.).

    The next Saturday is 9/25, the previous debut date of "Amazing Race 6". CBS may decide to re-air the TAR5 finale (original date: 9/21) on that day, or pre-empt it altogether, since "Big Brother 5" will also have ended by then.

    So, for those who cannot catch the Tuesday episodes, you might want to fire up the VCR or other recording device so you won't miss any of the action, since the Saturday reruns *may* be over for the season.
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    Ugh bummer, am gonna have to try hard to get home by that time AND finish all my homework. Why did they suddenly decide to change it so late in the season?? Stupid football, who wants to watch a bunch of burly guys sit on each other anyway??
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    Alanna, I would. I love football. But yeah, set up your VCR, it's what I've had to do when working during the show during summer vaca.

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