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Thread: “I liked Him When He Didn’t Have Camera Time” Recap 8-24-04

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    I'm new to this site but enjoyed your recap. Wonder if Colin knew that both Swahili AND English are official languages of Tanzania?

    One picky point Cali. The word is "too" when you mean also or additionally. Sorry, latent English classes coming back to haunt me...

    Keep up the good work!

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    yeah, I know that too

    I usually have at least 2 typo's per recap... where did I use 'to' for 'too'? Just curious.

    Glad you enjoyed it over all and welcome to the FoRT.
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Chip tells us that he truly feels that everything you give out in the world will come back to you at some time. If you give, you will eventually get. I agree.

    Great as usual Cali.

    Colin really ticked me off this week as well. I had my rant about it on the Colin & Christie thread. I wish he was in a jail cell in Nairobi, Kenya!

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    Loved the recap Cali!
    You're definitely right about Colin being an ass and I just wish him and Christie would stop coming in first (or second!) because I hate having to admit that he is a "good racer". As some others have mentioned, I was glad that Mirna's words about Colin, which at the time seemed very far-fetched, happened to be true. IMO from what editing has shown us, he is a disGUSting human being! haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by cashour
    The twins are indeed dumb. Of all the people to help, why help the consistent first place team? Help the slower team (moms) and hope that Colin can't catch up. Dumb strategy. Now they are in last place!
    If I'm remembering correctly, Colin didn't GIVE them a chance to NOT help his team. He walked into the middle of the road and waved the cabbie over. I think if the twins had had a chance to keep driving, they would have.

    Great recap of the episode...it was like watching it all over again!

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    Hmmm.... I did a quick count, and of the 46 posts in this thread (including this one) 41 refer to Colin being an ass of some sort

    Having been to the Kilimanjaro airport and dealt with guards/police officers there when they gave me problems with immunization records... I was nearly scared to death... it would take a real moron to try and fight against those people...

    What an ASS! :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_B
    Gonna have to disagree on the "Ass" thing. Colin's racing exactly how I and many of you would, so don't be so quick to deal out such harsh judgement.


    nope. not me. not for a moment.

    there's a difference between being competitive and being an ass to everyone he has contact with ... including the woman he claims to love. :phhht

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    Great Recap Cali! In this episode, I think colin drives people crazy, in the bad way of course. I did not dislike him at first, but seeing the way he behaves is so irritating! :phhht I feel like bashing the tv. I agree on the saving money part, it will be useful in the end, but when the situation changes, he can't be so stubborn can he? Now, the only good thing about him is at least he looks ok without talking. Just stand there like a tree and he will be fine.

    Chip and Kim is so much better, was so right in supporting them. Every decision they had made was good, except for the money part. Stop giving out tips in twenties Chip! Just give them ten will do! Hope they will survive till the end...
    ~~ Failure is all but a detour to success~~

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    I think Colin wasn't that bad. It was partly Christie's fault for not giving him support, and constantly complaining, telling him to just give the driver $100. Also, Colin was right in saying that the driver should not have started that journey without making sure that the tires were not going to break. It is very unsafe, and the driver shouldn't have been paid in full because of that.
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    Great Calicap! I was just wondering how you feel about Colin's behavior, cause I think it went over my head. Don't be so subtle next time! . And another thing, how does Hueycap sound? . I dream, but I never recieve. Sigh.

    Huey: You don't get it do you.
    Christie: What?
    Huey: (chuckle) You're his bi***!

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