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Thread: Who wants who eliminated next?

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    I really don't want any teams to go now, because I really love these 5 teams!

    But in the final 3, I would like to see Brandon and Nikki, Kami and Karli, Chip and Kim.

    I think the Bowling moms had too much bad luck and is going to continue on them!

    The 4th placed team always seemed to be a strong team, so I'm going to say Colin and Christie just missed out in the top 3.

    But my predictions are usually totally wrong anyway

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    wow, i just wanna see the bowling moms go....i dont have a good vibe for them but you gotta admit that they're good. teams like this from the previous seasons dont finish this far...maybe it's just plain luck for them, but really i wanna see them go coz they dont contribute much to the show anyway...

    next wud be the twins. just how dumb can they be?! i think that they are just riding the other teams back to get this far. but im impressed that they are still here even though they are so dumb and clueless, esp at the skydiving flag part!!!!!!! goodness!!.

    so that leaves chip and kim, colin and christie and brandon and nikki for my final 3 team... i wud love to see brandon and nikki win though..

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    Well..luck plays a big role in this game...so it could be anybody's game. like for instance, brandon and nikki were almost eliminated; only saved by the NEL. Anyone can be eliminated. WHo knows? But is it just me or has Colin and Christie come in 1st for many legs arleadi?

    I would love to see Brandon and Nicole, Chip and Kim and the Bowling Mums in the last leg..

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    WEll guys, I tried, but Colin and Christy weren't affected by my prediction sinking ship trap thing... oh well, means I got good points though... LOL... I'll try again next week.. I like this.. either I get rid of them because god hates me and doesn't want me to win a silly game, or I get good points.. win win for me.. lol..
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