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Thread: Who wants who eliminated next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanto
    Kami and Karli should make it if they don't end up in somebody's harem.
    Haha, I don't think CBS would like that too much. Kami and Karli might stoop low, but not that low. Great usage of the word, too. Most people don't know what it means, and NO, I did not go to dictionary.com and look it up.


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    I was glad to see the bowling moms not get booted early, but for some reason I am ready to see them go. Heck, since I want to see Chip and Kim win the whole team ... take any team but then this week!

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    I hope colin and christie get eliminated next I would be soo happy

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    Colin & Christie need to leave! They're entertaining to watch though. I thought Colin was going to get his butt kicked in the 8/24 episode.

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    Please, please, please let it be Colin and Christie. Or just Colin...in a TAR first they could let Christie race alone.
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    I want Kami and Karli or the Moms to go next. Can't stand the twins and I don't think the moms have what it takes to race against the younger teams. I don't want Chip and Kim to with like most people do, I think they've edited Chip to be the nice guy just a bit too much vs. the evil guy Colin. I hate when one person is perfect and one is horrible, and we never see any other qualities about either of them. So I would like either Nikki & Brandon or Colin & Christie to win. First of all, those 2 teams are amazing racers and second of all to me they're the most entertaining.
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    My vote

    Would like to see the Twins gone. I find them totally boring. Maybe the next episode will change my views on them. It's amazing the twins have lasted this long.


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    colin christie ope ur next!!

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    The twins need to go. I am really tired of their stupidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexa
    My order for elimination would be

    Brandon and Nicole
    Kami amd Karli
    Chip and Kim (even though I love them)
    Colin and Christie .... I want them around purely to see the look on Colins face when he finds out he got beat by the bowling moms in the final episode..
    Bowling moms.....WINNERS
    I would LOVE to see Colin get beat in the final episode. I hope it's by Chip and Kim, but Brandon and Nicole or the bowling Mom's would be fine with me too. And I want Colin beat because he causes a delay with his attitude. Like he gets himself taken to jail or something. Oh wait, he already did that!

    Kami and Karli need to go.

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