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Thread: Our Interview with Marshall and Lance

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    [QUOTE=Super Goten]
    Does anyone know where Cafe Nostra is located?QUOTE]

    According to the TAR website, it's in Dallas.


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    That was a really great interview! Great questions, John.

    I must say, I do have a new liking for them since I never liked them on the show. Or, what I mean, is that I have respect for them.

    Karli went to the wedding, but Kami didn't. I wonder why.

    And it's pretty clear from the Amazing Race insider that Colin liked the bros a lot so I'm not surprised at all by them going to the wedding.

    I'd also like to congratulate Marshall on his marriage! I wish him luck in life.

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    Great interview John. I am surprised to hear they dug for 2 hours. On tv they made it look like 5 minutes. Congrats to Marshall on his wedding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaky
    I still don't have a warm fuzzy spot for them....I can't put my finger on it. They just seem like grumpy guys to me.
    Well.. at least they were gracious enough to give an interview, and were actually somewhat gracious in it.

    However, I still have to agree with you, I dislike these two as people and watching them in TAR was about as enjoyable as watching my parents fight, or two elderly people furiously arguing the nuances of opening a pickle jar.

    In the end, I still find these two a pair of creepy, miserable [mod edit].
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    Congrats to Marshall and his new wife!!!

    Really, I don't think these two are as bad as the show made them out to be...
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    I would love to go to Cafe Nostra for once in my lifetime

    Marshall and Lance are a great team. Although they quitted, they at least tried it for 2 hours. I would have quitted too. The later they get to the pit stop the worst Marshall's knee is going to be. So I think their quitting is fairly reasonable.

    That was a great interview too. Thanks. Look forward for the Charla and Mirna interview.

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    Absolutely fascinating interview, quite enlightening actually. I'll echo the compliments to John for his excellent questions, and the congrats to Marshall on his wedding. I have gained some newfound respect for the brothers as result of reading this.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Hi, Olivia!
    I'll echo consensus, John. Very well-done interview.

    I neither particularly liked nor disliked Marshall or Lance. To me, they were simply there, which is why some of the dislike they've engendered make me go .

    At their best, they made me chuckle, which, often, is the best thing you can hope for from reality TV--at times this genre is as dull as watching your mother make meatloaf.

    At their worst was the drive-by "Bitch!" comment directed at Charla/Mirna. It was cowardly, sad and juvenile.

    I respect their tenacity for trying to continue even when it was obvious Marshall could no longer continue. I also find the comments on this board about that elimination more charitable than Phil's, who (to me) seemed unusually (and uncharacteristically) harsh.
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    great interview, john! you asked everything i was wanting to know! i was sorry to see these guys go, but felt from watching that with his knees acting up so badly, that there was no way they could complete the race.

    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    Does anyone know where Cafe Nostra is located?
    being a dallas girl, i know where cafe nostra is. it is in dallas, on greenville avenue - which means nothing to you if you aren't from dallas. greenville ave is a trendy area of the city surrounded by cool, old houses. the strip of greenville goes from what is called "upper greenville" to "lower greenville" and "lowest greenville." cafe nostra is on lower greenville (the best part of greenville) surrounded by other cool restaurants, cafes and clubs. every tuesday night they have TAR watching parties there.

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    Great interview, John... as always.

    I have to admit that I was actually pretty happy that Marshall & Lance gave up and were eliminated.
    There were several moments throughout the race, when I wondered why they ever signed up in the first place. They whined, pouted, and grumbled about practically every task, like grade-school kids saying, "Aww, man, I didn't know this was going to be on the test!"
    For me, it got very annoying very quickly.

    Mirna could be extremely rude, most definitely... I thought she overreacted on several occasions. And yet, practically every team was rude or pushy at some point or another, so why Mirna was the only one being demonized for it, is beyond me.

    Maybe it's a bit of sexism? Men can be aggressive and pushy, but if a woman is, then she's just a b****.

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