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Thread: Our Interview with Marshall and Lance

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    Thank you John, many questions answered.
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    Great interview. Though I was struck by this comment.

    Lance: Obviously we got along with a lot of the teams. Marshall just got married about 8 weeks ago, and Chip & Kim, Colin & Christie, Dennis & Erika, and Kammi came to the wedding. So we made a lot of friends, and when you're friends with people you obviously hope they make it to the end, but you can't control anything.
    I hope that doesn't mean the three teams he mentioned as "friends" don't make it to the end. Or he could have just meant Dennis & Erika maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John

    Let's go back a couple of episodes to the "bitch" incident with Mirna. Our members are wondering why you didn't confront her earlier face-to-face instead of just yelling out to them as they passed by?

    Lance:It started in the airport when Mirna told her cousin not to talk to me, and that was when I pretty much lost it, and basically gave her a piece of my mind, Marshall's mind, and pretty much everyone else's mind that was around there.
    Lance and Marshall weren't my favorite team, but I have to say good for Lance here. I am sure there are others that wish they had done the same thing.

    Thanks guys, for the interview. Glad to hear that Marshall's knee is better. It looked pretty painful.
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    Great interview, John! It's always good to know the prespective of those involved in the Race.

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    That was such a great interview! Thanks John.
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    sounds like the brothers became pretty good friends with Dennis and Ereka, Colin and Christe, Chip and Kim, and the Twins. Oh dear, does this mean that the latter 3 teams didn't make it to the final 3 teams?


    P.S: Marshall, congrats on your marriage!
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    Great interview, John. Thanks for your hard work.

    Thanks Marshall and Lance for your thorough answers. And congratulations to Marshall on your recent wedding.
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    Another great interview. Thanks John!

    I still don't have a warm fuzzy spot for them....I can't put my finger on it. They just seem like grumpy guys to me.
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    Thanks for the interview, John. Some of the posters above me have already posted what I was thinking, so I won't rehash anything. But yeah, congrats to Marshall on his wedding!
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    I've always liked these two- funny, honest, smart and generally misunderstood by most. I do regret their hostility towards Charla & Mirna (my favorite team) but clearly, Mirna's not the easiest person in the world to get along with.

    Anyways, it was a good interview.

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